Hello all, and welcome to my build!

I named it Project Ignite, mostly because of the black/red theme and couldn't think of a better name... I mostly use this build for gaming and programming. I will list all the parts, why I chose them and how the build process went and my review on this beast of a machine!

CPU - Intel Core i5-4690k

I went with this CPU as I will be playing CPU intensive games such as Arma and DayZ and have discovered that a better CPU is not needed for gaming, only rendering which I will not be doing. I choose the k version because I do plan to overclock in the near-future but have not found the time yet!

CPU Cooler - CM Hyper 212 Evo

This cooler, considering it's price is amazing. The temeperatures I get on this CPU are just outstanding! It stays at 30°C idle and 50°C. This may be due to my case fans running at 100% though.

Motherboard - MSI Z97 Gaming 5

Great Z97 motherboard, in my price range has a great looking BIOS and has many features. I did not have any issue regarding bios version not being able to detect the 4690k which some had had. It came with 1.40 and I upgraded it to 1.80. It overclocks very well I hear which is great and fits my colour scheme great, it looks amazing.

Memory - G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB DDR3-2133

I went with this ram because of the 2133mhz speed which I heard is not necessary but since it was cheaper by a few pounds then the 1600Mhz version, I figured why not? and works absolutely fine, no issues so far.

Storage - Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD

The windows boot time is just as fast as they say windows boots up in 15 seconds including bios time, it's very fast. About the size, I was going to go with 250GB but it was slightly out of my budget, and 120GB is fine. I've installed all my programs so far on the SSD and games on my hard drive and still have 60GB left on the SSD.

Storage - 2 TB WD Green

Already had this drive lying around so I re-used. 2TB is plenty of space!

Video Card - MSI R9 290 4GB Twin Frozr

This card is a beast, I was originally planning to go with the 970 but this card was on sale for £200 on black friday so I went with this one instead. This card runs every game I have attempted so far on Ultra! BF4, DayZ. Arma 3, Far Cry 4. It's an amazing card for the price and I won't be needing an upgrade for another 2 or 3 years, but I may get another r9 290 when I cant run the highest end games on Ultra anymore but that won't be anytime soon!

Case - NZXT H440

This case I chose for it's looks, features and how amazing it looks or did I already say that? I love the minimalistic design, the interior, the red and black just looks so good even though people say that red/black is unoriginal and overused I still think it looking great! Fans are great, no problems at all with it.


What can I say? Fully Modular, looks great, works great no problems! It's Perfect!

Monitor - BenQ RL"445HM 24"

I went with a 1080p monitor (For gaming) it has a 60Hz refresh rate which is all I need I don't need more than 60 FPS. It's great no problems with it. Although when I first tested it I think the CPU was a dead one because nothing popped up on the monitor and the case fans didn't work. This was actually due to me having to switch channel on the monitor no idea I had to do that! And the case fans didn't turn on because I forgot to plug them into the mobo......

Case Fans - Cosair Air Series SP120 - High performance

Unfortuanetly, I had to run all these fans at 100% by connecting them to this thing at the back in the case. The fans were 3 pin but I only had 4 pin headers on the motherboard so I don't know whether there still is a way to control fan speed?

Keyboard - RedDragon® CENTROPHORUS Gaming PC Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse set

I had to get a cheaper mouse and keyboard and am going to upgrade soon because I decided to spend all my money on the components. But this set does the job fine, lights are cool. And it works! no problem.

Building process

Building went great, apart from a few things, but this was expected since this is my first build! While installing the corsair fans the cable did not reach the mobo or case fan thingy. So we had to take it out and install it the other way around. This led to 2 screws on 1 fan breaking so it's only supported by 2 screws. I guess this is due to the fan being screwed into the plastic. Cable management I tried, not bad I guess.

This was my first build, very proud of it! All the parts were great I don't regret buying any of the parts.

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