Once upon a time that a friend in Vegas needed a gaming pc for extremely cheap (around 180 dollars). This is the story of that build.

It started out as a 35 dollar pc plus 20 dollars shipping for a dell OEM 3010 with 4gb of ram, a 250gb hdd and an i3 3220. I found this deal on Ebay, and he snagged it. Over the course of about two weeks, we both put about 80 bucks into the computer, all but the SSD was used.

The processor got an upgrade to a Xeon E3 1245 v1 (they dont have it on PCPartpicker) and is running at the stock 3.3-3.7ghz range, and could theoretically be FSB overclocked to 3.885 with a 105 fsb. Its about an i7 3770 non K equivalent.

Sense the motherboard does not have dual channel capabilities, we decided to just grab an 8gb Crucial stick off of ebay for 10ish usd.

We saw a sale on Ebay for an r9 380 after trolling through bids for them for 50 bucks.

Because we chose such a hefty gpu, we also upgraded the SSD to an EVGA 550w uncertified psu. Its a little sketch, gut it works.

The SSD was my choice for his build, it was the cheapest SSD with a Dram cache and it has really decent read/writes.

Monitor was found on Ebay, its a no name 1440x900 monitor with 75hz refresh rate.

Keyboard was off of Amazon and was on sale, decent keyboard with mechanical Outemu switches

He wanted some RGB to be able to say its a "GAMING" pc for "G A M E R S" and I found an rgb cooler that was sufficient for the xeon for 17 dollars on Amazon Updated benchmark

Part Reviews


Acceptable performance Xeon, cheaper than the i7 3770 used. Sucks that it cant be more than FSB overclocked.

CPU Cooler

Very straightforward cpu cooler with an easy installation, with decent cooling capacity.


Damn good ssd for the money, and really reassuring that it has a Dram cache and loads games quickly. Unfortunately, due to the motherboard, it could not be used as the boot device on a Dell OEM 3010.

Video Card

As fast as you need for 1440x900 at pretty much any settings. Being entirely honest, the only thing holding this card back in 1080p for example is the 2gb of Vram. This performs better than a 1050 Ti in most titles.


Works for an r9 380 and Xeon e3 1245 v1 without any power issues, still kinda sketchy.


  • 5 months ago
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Not bad for the price, you definitely got some solid deals right there!

  • 5 months ago
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Great machine for the money, shopping skills!

  • 3 months ago
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Do you know if the CPU cooler you have has a white color?

  • 3 months ago
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Yes, it does. But you cant use the included rgb controller to get it. You need a 4 pin rgb header to do it.