Primary use: Gaming, school work, media consumption.

The gpu was the last part of the build so the completed date is when I got that installed, but lets be honest, is any computer ever "complete"? because i know i always want more haha. Anyways, enjoy!

Sorry about the photos, there arent heaps, but ill upload more tomorrow when i tidy up my room and setup and i know the pictures are of average quality sorry guys.

This is my current computer, and she is can hold her own. The story behind this is a long one, so pull up a chair, sit down and begin your journey into how i got to here. So it all began half way through last year i brought a friends old core 2 duo e8400, motherboard and 4gb ram. I had a core i5 laptop that was okay at games, and this core 2 duo with a 650 that i brought for it was better, but wasnt too great. I didnt even have a case for it, and i made it into a bundy setup that i could game on (if you want to see it i may be able to find pictures?) and it worked, until i decided it wasnt enough to keep me away from my laptop. So a couple weeks later i ended up selling that all off and staying with my laptop, but i knew i wanted a decent computer. Over the summer holidays i picked up a summer job and brought an fx 6300 gaming computer, complete without the gpu, as i had brought an ASUS HD7950 DCUII to use with it. There was only one problem with this, and this was that my case was too small and this card was a behemoth. I had to cut the hard drive cage area of my Raidmax Hurricane (I do not recommend as a case) to fit it in. I ended up being happy with it, right up until the gpu fried itself. I was sitting on the desktop after playing some farcry 3 and the screen messed up and went black with weird bars of colour across it. Long story short, it fried itself. The cooler was too heavy and asus didnt design it well as it was a common problem with the first generation of Hd7950 DCUII cards. I didnt have much money left so it was back to the laptop for a week until i could get my next gpu, an ASUS GTX 760DCUII. This card was a great wee performer. It did the job well, and i highly reccomend the card. My next upgrade was the Evo SSD, An ASUS A97 EVO r2.0 motherboard, ram and cpu cooler. I got 8gb again except in 2 sticks, not my previous 4 sticks. This was great, I had it running at 4.5GHZ daily at stable temps (around 60 gaming on bf4). This setup was great for a couple months, then i started playing dayz. This game is cpu intensive and my friend was on an fx 8350 at 5ghz with an R9 280x and was getting less frames than one of my other friends on the 4670k at 4.2 with a 760, and this wasnt acceptable for him, so he decided to upgrade. My fps was around the same as the friend with the 8350 and while i was helping him look for parts i saw my motherboard refurbished for $238, and considering it retails for almost $400 in my country, i decided to jump over to intel along with my friend. I got the Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H, i5 4670k and the Corsair 300R at the same time as the case also came up on sale and i had wanted a new/better case, and i think that this was the best upgrade that i have made since going from laptop to the fx 6300. I had no gpu as i had sold it to get money for the new cpu, motherboard and case, and i was fine with intel HD for a while. I could still game but in LoL when it got intense, my frames would drop to 20 and i knew that I had to get a gpu soon as i didnt like all the choppy frames in games and low graphics, but intel HD 4600 is actually quite good for onboard video, i was quite surprised. I ended up getting the R9 280X cheap second hand, it was actually the cheapest on the auction site that i got it off, and was $10 cheaper than what I sold my 760 for, which I was quite surprised about. This has been my computer adventure so far, please leave your opinion on my build as i would like to know what people think of my build as it is.

My opinion on my parts:

Cpu: The 4670k is a beast at gaming, which is all i do, and which is why i didnt go for the 4770 or 4770k as i couldnt justify the cost of it. Cpu Cooler: Great cooler, lets me run at 4.3 with 1.17v, or there abouts, i cant remember the exact voltage. Max temps i get after a few hours battlefield is 67C. Did I get a good chip, average chip or sub par chip? someone please tell me lol.

Gpu: Handles everything i throw at it. Am running my 40 inch 1080p tv and a second 23 inch 1080p monitor off it just fine. Gaming at atleast high settings for consistant high framerates (atleast 60).

Storage: 2 words, SSD OP. SSD storage may be expensive for the capacity (i am aware that it is getting quite a lot better price per gb) but it is worth it. I can boot to log in on windows 8.1 Pro in under 10 seconds, and I out summon most of my friends in League haha. Only issues i have had is some slow log in days but that is always from cold boots. The Caviar Blue is just a storage drive but it is 7200rpm so it is quite quick on its toes.

Motherboard: Got it because of its features for price. I was considering a locked cpu, itx and the prodigy, but this boards price made me go for the 4670k. Bios looks great and is really easy to use. Overclocked memory to 1866mhz first time, even though it is only 1600mhz rated. This may not sound big, but if i tried to overclock on my old AMD platform it would just crash straight away. I still run at 1600mhz because of random freezing but I am impressed that intel will give something a go that AMD just wont have a bar of. I think this is down to the memory controller. Anyway i love the colour on the motherboard and it will last me for a while.

Case: Great case. I love it. It has shown me how good it is to have a decent case, especially with a non modular power supply. With my old case it had horrible cable management, but this case has amazing cable management. My build looks 10x cleaner and it will have better airflow due to more fans and a cleaner air path (less cables).

Power Supply: Got it cheap, considering what was around in New Zealand in my price range at the time. Does what i want and is really quiet.

Ram: Great looking ram and gets the job done. As i mentioned before it overclocks, but isnt very stable. Im not bothered about that though, as it is great ram besides that.

Mouse: I have a Razer Naga Molten as my mouse. It is a great mouse, i can bind all my League macros to it and have over half of them left. Only issue i have is that shortly after i got it the braiding on the cable got kinked and was going to wreck the cable so i had to cut it and now it doesn't look very good as it is starting to fray, so i may just cut it all off.

Keyboard: Cheap old dell keyboard i got off a friend. Uses the good ol' PS2 interface. It isnt the best keyboard, but it gets the job done.

Monitor(s): The AOC monitor is as sharp as, and its IPS. I love it. I want another so i can get a proper gaming setup going as it will be slowly ruining my cables for my mouse/keyboard. I use my 40 inch tv for gaming and it is great, but i want to put it infront of my bed and use it as a third screen for watching movies on, not for League or Battlefield.

I did have a headset, a Tritton AX 720+, but had heaps of issues with it so am looking for another headset provided i can get a refund, anyone got any ideas? i was thinking some Astro a40s or Logitech g930s.

There is also a mod i need to do. I got a 3 and a half inch bay dual usb 3.0 panel that came with my mobo as it has dual usb 3 headers on the board so i need to cut up a drive bay cover to be able to hold it. I will do this soon.

Future Upgrade Plans: Closed Loop Cooler (h100i) Better case fans (Corsair AF/SP120s) modded with yellow rings I think, or something to match a theme. NZXT Hue Keyboard (Logitech G710+) Keypad (Razer Nostromo or OrbWeaver) Another Monitor (pref the same) More storage (SSDs and HDDs) Bigger PSU and Another Gpu, probably next year for this though.



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  • 71 months ago
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Why did you add all custom parts? Pretty much all of these are in here...

  • 71 months ago
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Custom prices?

  • 71 months ago
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You can do custom prices without adding all custom parts.

  • 71 months ago
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click the triangle button next to remove and manually change the price.

  • 71 months ago
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Cheers guys, i typed it up at like 2am and was completely derping, now it looks a lot better. Thanks again!

  • 71 months ago
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Good job. That's a nice gaming rig you have there.

  • 71 months ago
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Cheers man, im happy enough with it. Your rig is looking like a real best though!

  • 71 months ago
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Thanks brother.