I wanted an affordable machine to replace my laptop for gaming purposes. I went with AMD as I felt the chipsets had more longevity. The 4300 as it was new and low cost, giving me the opportunity to either buy an aftermarket fan/cooler and overclock it, or buy a new chip such as the 8350 once they drop in price. An optical out was important for my headset so I selected the Asus 970 board. RAM I chose the faster 1866 option to avoid any potential bottlenecks and allow for overclock. I was originally considering the Radeon HD 7850 1GB for my video card, but I decided the extra GBP 20 was worth getting the 2GB, again for longevity. I assume this card will last me at least a year or 18 months on 1080p gaming. I chose a 250gb SSD for my main drive, I already own a 1TB NAS which I will use for data files. I may pick up another drive in the future if I really need. The rest of the build is various necessities, WiFi as there is no router near my PC, low cost case that has USB 3.0, power supply. I already have a monitor available, 22 inch, 1080p, 5ms so I was able to save some there. I'm hoping that my combined selections of 1866mhz RAM, SSD, and 7850 v-card that this build will out-perform at a lower price than similar offerings by boutique gaming PC makers.

The build was pretty smooth aside from 2 issues. First the CPU did not lock into the socket properly, no bent pins but I was worried when I couldn't get it to POST in a test build. Eventually I was able to figure out the issue and get back on track. Second, the 8 pin power socket is too far away or the cord is too short so I have an ugly cable run across the top of my machine near my GPU and CPU. Cable management could have gone better, but there are not many options to snake the cables behind on this case.


  • 79 months ago
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Oh God, you need to do something about your cable management, having cables like that is going to wreck your temperatures. And also I would have dropped the SSD and got a HD 7950.

  • 73 months ago
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I defiantly agree, but apart form this great future proof/upgradable build! :)

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  • 81 months ago
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nice build! Have you overclocked yet?

  • 81 months ago
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Not yet. Been having trouble getting the RAM to run above 1333mhz for some reason but have not spent much time in the past week or two trying to get that fixed. Other than that it has been running well, no need to OC.

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what about the Hex core AMD Processor for $20 More?