This is an upgrade for my youngest son, he was jealous about his older brothers much cooler setup ( I wanted to surprise him with this upgrade, so I had to work nightshift with this build.

I sneak in to his room late when he was asleep and stole his Thermaltake core v1 setup. I used our guestroom bed as working table, not so great for my back I have to admit but it was a must to avoid to get busted..

To keep the cost down I used his old mobo, cpu, memory and ssd:s. Added case, GTX 1660, Cooler Master Loop and some nice case fans.

Cooling loop and GtX 1660 was bought second hand for a very good price. The rgb fans for the loop was not included, so I bought some chaep new ones. The CM loop is of great quality with a dead silent strong pump, it's really worth it's pretty high price.

But I have to say it was a pain to get everything installed, the pump/res combo is enormous in this case. I had to use some black 13/10 fittings and soft tube I had left from other builds to be able to get this to work. Supplied with the loop is 16/10 (not very) soft tube and fittings.

This z97i mobo is hard to work with in this case because all the connections is located in the top area, exactly were the top case fan is located and in my case also the pump/res combo.

Sadly I scratched the reservoar pretty bad without notice when I was constantly moving it around to find a good place for it. But that's life, overall I'm pretty satisfied with how it all worked out.

It's again a very overwhelming cooling solution for a 4690k at 4,4Ghz oc but it looks the business and that's what really matters for the kids.

It looks better irl than in the pics but I hope it can inspire to some crazyness anyway.

Btw, I have I have a pre-order of a Sapphire Radeon RX 5600 XT Pulse that I was thinking to use in this upgrade. I'm not sure that he really needs it for the games he's playing at the moment but it should last longer when he starts playing more advanced games. I haven't decided yet, it's like 70% more expensive than the second hand 1660 he got now. Please comment if you have some good advices about this!

And last, my soon 11 year old woke me up in the morning when he discovered my little surprise and asked me what I had done with his old computer.. I had to explain that his games are saved and still there and that I only upgraded the looks a little bit.:) After all this pain he's only thinking about the! But he's now very proud of the setup and brags to his jealous friends..;)

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  • 4 months ago
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your a good parent

  • 4 months ago
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Thanks, I'm doing my best..🙂But, I happen to love building these things, so I think mine smart little kids know what buttons to push and are using me..😂