This build began when my wife's PC went with the wind.. it was a intel g2duo with no gpu and the only plus was the 500gb hdd..

So, being a nice guy I said to her.. "Fear not!! I will build a Machine for you!!" and she quickly replied, "watch out for how much you spend!!"

And then it started the Budget list.. Began by buying the PC case.. I started with a Corsair 280x White but at that time I couldn't find almost any parts in white so I changed for Cooler Master MB511rgb which was cheaper and having all that mesh front I was betting on optimal air-cooling. On that same week Ryzen3000 was launch and my mind was blowned away with the reviews. So I said, well I overspend on the Cpu and save on the rest, little did I know what i was starting. My initial plans were to get a 3900X but that price tag.. ouch.. and the initial boards seamed to overheat with all that power. And that was what it changed my mind for the 3700x After watching a lot of YouTube videos about retro-compatibility with the X470 I decided to go for the Taichi Ultimate. But almost immediately after purchasing it I almost regret it due to reading a lot of people in the internet complaining about how hard this board was and it limitation to handle high-speed ram.. So I put my hand to work and contacted the Asrock support which was phenomenal!! Helped me in every way and even asked specifically want i wanted to do so that they could recreate for themselves and approve it. And another of my concerns was being able to run the xmp profile at 3600mhz. Kudos for you guys and girls at Asrock!! In between March and Black-Friday it was time to get the extras parts such as the vertical mount for the GPU, splitter cables.. the rgb controller.. the 2x140mm fans.. keyboard and mouse which came as a bundle, the M.2 ssd and one of the parts that damaged the most to my wallet.. the monitor, from the beginning that i always wanted something nice but not being necessary 4K a friend of mine reminded me of 2k resolution and for my surprise I found the Agon AG241QX on sale in a store near me. So far it has great image nice colour.. and it isn't as dark as a lot of people argue in the internet. Then on Black-Friday I found on amazon the Ballistix Elite at a awesome price that I could find anywhere and took the plunge. And on Cyber-Monday another shop near me placed the 3700X also a few euros cheaper and there it was. By December and with the Christmas arriving, I set to myself that i must finish the computer and buy the GPU. At first I was considering the RX 5700 XT and going all out on AMD but a friend of mine who has a RX5700XT Msi Gaming X was having lots of problems with the drivers and even had to roll back all OC's done and even then it wasn't stable, made me think of going Nvidia. Upon a lot of video checking i went for the Gigabyte RTX2070super Gaming OC 3X

I must say that it was my first build, had it's turns and upside's down but it is a beast of a machine at leat for me!!

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Hey, pretty solid first build! Congrats! Your wife must be happy! I'm planning on buying MB511 too, are your gpu temps ok in that case?