This is my half build, I used some parts from my other build. but it is an amazing computer. I went with the Ryzen 1700 for my cpu because it was on sale for 200. It would have been the ryzen 5 1600x, but the 1700 was 50 dollars more, so why not. the ram was chosen as well because of the price between 2400 speed was only 5 dollars as well. the aio is from Cooler Master, it came with the case and was free, and have nothing negative on it, so far so good. The Motherboard is a ASUS B350-F, an open box from microcenter, i had the b350 tomahawk, but it wouldn't read the ram sticks, so returned it for asus. I haven't had too many problems once I updated the bios. I bought my gpu from my friend for 400 USD, which at the time it was worth the money since the prices are higher than usual. the ssd was something i went with, again for the price. haven't had any issues with it. The case is an Cooler Master H500P Mesh, it has plenty of room and is really big. Worth every penny.

Part Reviews


Had an FX-8350 prior, and this is way faster than the FX. Picked it up for 200, on sale when the newer ryzen came out. So far, i won't be upgrading again for years.

CPU Cooler

Can't complain, came free with my case. So far so good.


Really good mobo, haven't had any problems so far.


Expensive but for 16GB, won't need upgraded anytime soon.


Upgraded from my HDD, seen it on sale so i picked it up. Not as nice as name brand, but does get the job done.

Video Card

Best upgrade ever bought, enough said,


I seen the first h500p, and was impressed but saddened to see the front to have plastic over it. Once the changes made to the mesh, i decided that i needed an upgrade from my old pc case.

Power Supply

Works nice, only issue i've had is when i switched gpu's to the gtx 1070, it started to whine under load.

Wireless Network Adapter

I've used this wifi adapter for everything, games, streaming, to downloading movies. so far, it has passed my expectations.


Bought this online at, had 47.00 off online, so i picked it up for little over 100 dollars. Best keyboard ever bought, hands down. RGB is a nice touch as well.


Received this from christmas bundle, so it was gifted to me. Haven't had any bad experiences yet, but it does the job.


Even though its an old headset, it keeps up with whatever i do.


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You mention when you switched GPUs the PSU started to whine - What previous GPU were you using? I have read most users when they switch to the 1070 the 650w PSU does not perform.

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I had a unnamed PSU before, didn't have any markings or identification on wattage either, but I haven't had any issues with this one except that one time.