Hey guys! I am so excited to be writing this review for my build. I'm going to start out by telling you a little bit about each part any why I picked it for my new gaming build. First off the main use of my system will be for gaming/vr and eventually some editing/streaming.

CPU- i5 8600k, I chose this because for me it had the best bang for the buck. I have a slight overclock of 4.5GHZ which works perfectly for me (anytime I push higher I have stability issues, I'm new to overclocking and this is my first build) The reason why I chose the i5-8600k is it is almost the exact same FPS as the i7 8700 or 8700K. I watched this processor and waited for it to drop from 329 to 258.

CPU cooler- Kraken X62, the reason I chose this was purely aesthetics. It's not the best cooler in the market but for looks in my opinion it takes the cake! The one down side to using the kraken is the NZXT CAM software, it's really basic and doesn't give you many options.

Motherboard- Aorus Gaming 5- I chose this model because the gaming 7 didn't have wifi included and I didn't want to bother with installing wifi. The aorus BIOS is horrible but besides that the RGB and aesthetics are really nice to look at.

Memory(Ram)- Team T Force Nighthawk RGB- The only reason I chose this type of RAM was because of the crazy deal that I got on it. I got both sticks of ram (2x8 3200) for 70 bucks off facebook marketplace and it has been extremely simple overclocking with XMP.

Storage- Samsung 250gb, I know I know, I need more storage. I have 3 1tb HDD that are sitting in my desk drawer that will be getting installed when I start running low.

GPU- Gtx 1080 FTW- I got this card for 500 dollars off of ebay, at the time I purchased this card it was going for 1199 on amazon and 1099 on newegg. The GPU is an absolute beast, overwatch sits at 170+FPS and PUBS im getting around 100FPS. Amazing card and the RGB looks really nice. Also i got an EVGA powerlink to help with cable management (highly reccomend)

Case- H500P, I fell in love with this case when I was browsing online and I accidentally ordered it by clicking on the 1 step checkout on Amazon. I was planning on sending it back because of the bad reviews with airflow and the case not being made of the best material but when I got it delivered I immedatiely fell in love with it and couldn't send it back. Even when gaming my CPU hasn't gone above 50Celsius and my GPU stays around 60Celsius. Don't listen to the reviews, as long as you have good cooling in your case you'll be fine!

Power Supply- EVGA 650 GQ- My wife got this for me as a Christmas gift, I probably would have opted for the 750 but i've never had a problem with it and it being fully modular really helped with cable management.

Monitor Dell S2417DG and Dell U25- I purchased the s2417dg 165hz gsync monitor for my gaming monitor and luckily my mom is an office manager and had an extra 60hz IPS monitor that I could use for my second display for watching videos etc. The s2417dg is an absolute beast and looks amazing, it WILL need some color calibration out of the box but i've found that tweaking it with your own eyes rather than reading other peoples reviews and using theirs is more visually pleasing to the eye.

Razer Keyboard and Logitech Mouse- I wanted to try and keep the same brand for my keyboard and mouse to reduce the amount of software running in the background but I just couldn't stay away from the look of the new logitech G900 (the wireless is absolutely amazing, same as a wired mouse) and the razer keyboard it extremely responsive. I reccomend getting the razer orange switches instead of the yellows (im typing on the yellows now it's a pain in the butt, for gaming it's the best but for everyday use the oranges are a good medium between the yellows and greens) The razer synapse software is the worst software i have ever used PERIOD.


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Nice build!

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