Great build on a budget and was able to hit all the cybermonday and blackfeiday deals this 2014 year. Built it so I can run games right now I mainly play The Sims 2 and it runs great everything max settings. Later I well upgrade and get a graphics card so I can run higher end games. During the build I was stressing cause I couldnt get in to the bios but that was because I was using a HDMI cable for the display bios is only accessible using a VGA, so I configure everything in bios with the VGA and after I went back to the HDMI. Overall great and fun build such a big learning experience.

UPDATE: Just added the MSI R7 260X that i bought from Craigslist for $50.

UPDATE 10/15/15: Added peripherals and monitors. updated video card too.


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did you have to update the bios?

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