Hello. This is my first build for a mid range CPU. My first plan was to pic a theme (white/black) or (red/black). Second was what cpu. I decided to go with the Skylake i5. Third was the Mobo a was considering the MSI Gaming 5 till is saw the Gigabyte version. Forth the DDR went with G.Skill cuz why not. Fifth the cooler, that captain 240 looks awesome. Sixth my psu, i have had a lot of failed psu throught my time of owning a power supply so i went with something legit. plus the stock power cables don't look like puke. Seventh the storage Samsung 850 EVO cuz when people like it it must be good. 2T Seagate Barry cuz 1T aint enough. Eighth that 24" 60hz 5ms is just damn fine for me (dont' know what i'm missing). Ninth picked up some Kingston HyperX Cloud Cores at Game Stop with my member discount for $35, love em. Tenth really decent keyboard the AZIO MKG-1 not too flashy but just right taking a bit to get used to the keys cuz I fat finger. Eleventh got a Reflex Lab Huge Gaming Mouse pad from Amazon for $20, #love it. Twelfth.... That oh so Sexy NZXT H440 Black/Red made my build super EZ and Clean.


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She's one hot PC dude. god daym

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