Started this build in 2018 as my first ever - always used laptops. Then in small steps, I upgrade each part of it. The next upgrade will occur only when zen 4 comes out and then I will buy a high-end zen 3 (Ryzen 4800x) and stay for some more years no touching it.

I use this build for everything. Gamings, programming and also machine learning. So it should be better at everything - good processor, storage, ram, etc.

I am pretty satisfied with its performance. Actually, it's more than enough for everything I do.

The only problem I faced: This case+AIO+memory combination does not allow to use the AIO on the top. I had to use it on the front. In fact it turned out pretty good, because I used some old fans to make a push/pull configuration with the case fans, but you guys should be aware.

Part Reviews


One of the best value product in my build. I am running it at 4.1ghz @1.35v and LLC3. The performance is incredible and it's able to push my OC 1070 Ti to 100% in every game at 1080p @ultra.

CPU Cooler

Great value AIO. Has a beauty RGB and is able to synch with most RGBs protocols (MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, etc). The performance is good, although I am not using the default fans (using a weaker one). My Ryzen 5 2600 on stock gets 63c on a stress test in a hot country in the summer (Brazil). Running at 4.1 @1.35v it keeps 82c on AIDA64 and barely 60c when gaming. Environment temps of 30c+. All tests were made with the default thermal compound. So expect better numbers using a good one.


The king of the B450 mobos. Amazing construction: great VRMs and overall quality. The wifi is just splendid! It's the best I ever used. I was getting 35ms in MW with the ethernet cable connected and over wifi, I get around 30ms. Yeah, it's insane. The best value motherboard. I strongly recommend it.


Great value memory using Samsung B-Die chips. However, they are low-quality B-Die, only being able to maintain 3533mhz at overclock. We never can complain about free performance gains, but you should be aware of it. The RGB, on the other hand, is amazing, one of the prettiest I ever saw. The only problem is that they are not low profile. So be careful when putting it together with an AIO on the top.


Great performance for an amazing price. I noticed a good improvement over my Kingston SSD.


Good value-oriented SSD. Used it for more than 3 years (it was on my laptop). The performance is not the best, but it's not disappointing. My SO loads pretty fast and smoothly.

Video Card

1070 Ti is a better value 1080 :P A little overclock and it's able to gain +15% performance overall. I am running it at an effective memory clock of 9100mhz and 1885mhz core clock with only 110% power limit set. I can go higher, but I like to keep it cool. At full lod it maintains at ~77c in heavy titles like modern warfare. Just love it. MSI made an amazing work overall.


Amazing case. It has every detail to enable an amazing cable management. The included fans are pretty decent and the airflow is good. The best thing on the case, hower, is the design. The glass is a little dark, which creates a whole different effect when combined with RGB parts and the dark-prism front case, which only turns visible when the fans light are on. The only "problem" is that due to its compact size, not all AIO fit on the top, depending on the height of the memories used.

Power Supply

Pretty good. 80 plus gold, semi-modular and good price.

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