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by stripling



Date Published

June 17, 2016

Date Built

July 18, 2016

CPU Clock Rate

4 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

20.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

50.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.632 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

2.302 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

30.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

70.0° C


It is finally finished!

This build started off much differently, but I am extremely happy with the finished product. I will upload more images soon!

Fire Strike Score

Part Reviews


When i was young I started out on AMD, and then after many happy years I decided to make the switch to Intel and never looked back! I started with an i7-3770K a few years ago, and now I am the loving owner of this i7-6700K, and I can't say anything bad about it! I haven't done any overclocking on this CPU yet as I will need to get a better motherboard before I do, but it's definitely something on my to do list!

CPU Cooler

This cooler does the job well! Keeps the CPU very cool, however I originally followed the advice of the online community to not power the pump from a motherboard header, but to power it from a molex to 3pin adapter. I did this and it worked great, however the pump was SO LOUD! I have now plugged the pump back into the motherboard header, and it's running so much quieter and the cooling performance is no different at all!


This motherboard has a nice and easy bios, but the only issue i'm facing really is the low availability of any real CPU overclocking. However I was very pleased with the fan control I was able to achieve with this motherboard. Hopefully soon I will upgrade to a more suitable board for this system to achieve it's full potential.


This RAM is great! It's low profile (for those of you that may be worried about the clearance when using an aftermarket air cooler on your CPU, and it performs great! I have not attempted any overclocking on this RAM yet but it is something I will surely give a go! I will update my review with results!


I got this SSD for a great price, and it's an amazing drive! The read and write speeds are great, and it's really useful to have such a large capacity.

Video Card

This really is the best GPU i've ever owned. I've loved every minute with it so far! As you may see from the images, it is an EXTREMELY tight squeeze to fix the card in alongside the radiator and the fans, but after a bit of force (and probably a few scratches on the radiator) the card slotted in perfectly! After a few hours of tinkering with the overclock, I managed to get a stable increase in both the memory clock and the core clock without the need to tinker with the voltages at all. I'm pretty happy with the Fire Strike score that I was able to achieve! Before overclocking the score was roughly 15200, after overclocking I managed to achieve 16397! Not bad at all in my opinion!


I LOVE THIS CASE!! My only real negative about this case is that the window is SUPER EASY to scratch, so watch out!

Power Supply

Great PSU, and it's silent! It's a tier one power supply, and so what can you expect other than utter brilliance?

Case Fan

These fans are brilliant, and obviously they look great. It's true that technically they have a slightly lower airflow than the Noctua NF-F12, and they are a few decibels louder than them also, but when using these fans on low rpm's they are just as silent as the Noctua NF-F12 and the airflow is pretty similar! They are cheaper than the Noctua's and they look a heck of a lot nicer in a rig than the brown Noctua's, and so I would say these fans are the best choice if you're looking for a great fan to use as intake or exhaust on any case, and on radiators too!

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Ropota 2 points 32 months ago

Do you think the gpu temps are affected by the small space between the psu and the gpu causing a bit higher number in temps? how are your gpu temps? i have this case and a corsair 250d but don't want high tempd but like the nano better for looks.

stripling submitter 1 Build 3 points 32 months ago

It's not exactly ideal to have such a small space there, but in all honesty this card has a great cooler on it and even with only the one fan fully exposed it cools great! Never goes about 70 degrees, which is awesome! also, the lower front fan pushing through the radiator help to push air towards the graphics card which is very useful! Yes the temps could be lower, but they are absolutely fine temps and the card can deal with it perfectly fine!

Ropota 1 point 32 months ago

so I have a 750ti. when I use the 250d case I get about 57c but when I use the nano s I get about 64 under load. I just bought a EVGA 1070 sc (not founders edition, I get it in a few days) and didnt know if the 7c difference in temp for the 750ti in both cases would be about the same for the 1070 in both cases. Kinda worried about thermal throttling and high temps damaging the card. I have the same PSU you have as well. I have 2 noctuas in the front for intake and one on back for exhaust.

stripling submitter 1 Build 1 point 32 months ago

You won't have any problems at all! The 1070 cards can handle super high temperatures, but I can't see your card running above 80 degrees max on full load and even with an overclock! I know it's easy to worry about temps because you don't want to cause any damage but trust me, with your Noctua fans helping with great intake you'll be completely fine! Post your temperatures when you get your card! :D

Ropota 1 point 32 months ago

sooooo....I decided to get a 1440p panel instead of my 1070 lol. The games I play would be so overkill with a 1070, but can be ran on my 750ti with ok/good settings at 1440p. I think I'll wait and get a 1060 or so later on down the road. Thanks for the info though!!!

stripling submitter 1 Build 1 point 32 months ago

That's not a bad decision! I would definitely say to use the leftover money to get a 1060! The benchmarks and reviews will be released very soon but the specs for it look great so I think it'll be a great card!

kumaizard 1 Build 2 points 28 months ago

Noice!!! Great build!!

Zman123 2 Builds 1 point 32 months ago

Might want to buy a z170 motherboard. Your current motherboard will not allow you to take full advantage of your part configuration. Besides that hiccup, great looking build, the nano s is a fantastic case!!

stripling submitter 1 Build 1 point 32 months ago

You're right, the z170 board would definitely allow me to overclock my CPU, but thats something I'm not planning on doing just yet! I've spend the past few days finding the sweet spot on overclocking the GPU, and maybe next month i'll look into replacing the motherboard and tweaking the CPU speeds! Thankyou for your feedback, i still have not finished writing up the whole build or adding photos so watch this space!! :D

madurham84 3 Builds 1 point 32 months ago

This is a great build. I've had my eye on the Nano S case but I was thinking my MSI R9 390 would be to thick to fit above the power supply. Your setup looks superb.

stripling submitter 1 Build 2 points 32 months ago

The MSI R9 390 is actually slightly thinner than my 1070, so it'll fit just fine and the temperatures should be fine too!

Glooxi 1 point 31 months ago

Hey how far away are the PSU and GPU? Was looking to get something like this and I have the exact same GPU :)

LightProtecter 1 point 28 months ago

Could you post a picture of the cable management?

freefly32 1 point 23 months ago

definitely +1

Good job.