This is my first build, and my first desktop in several years. I am a casual gamer, and wanted a somewhat simple setup for my first attempt. So I stayed away from overclocking and more complex cooling. I only use a single 1080p 60hz display , so this is certainly capable of making games look good. I'll also do some side software development with Visual Studio and SSMS, hence the otherwise excessive memory. This will be my daily driver PC and will store all our photos and such, so I got the extra HDD's for a RAID1 setup.

So far it runs great. It boots windows 8.1 in less than 15 seconds, including keying my password.

Huge props to LinusTechTips. All his "As Fast As Possible" videos helped me understand a lot that I didn't, and one of his full build walkthroughs was also very helpful.

Also thanks to all the forum help on this site and Toms Hardware. The homework and time put it beforehand made my first build very smooth.

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  • 61 months ago
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awesome build man! how's it working for you? And how do you find the 285 to perform? I'm planning to upgrade to that card in the distant future.

  • 60 months ago
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Thanks! I like it so far. It's super quick for multimedia needs. Being my first PC in a while I don't have much to compare graphics to, but the 285 is great so far. When I'm really taxing it, it's not very loud in my opinion. I didn't write down any of my Kombustor benchmarks since I just used it to test temps, but League of Legends, Wolfenstein, and Star Wars Old Republic look awesome with no frame skips on highest settings. I estimate it pulls about 150W maximum so far, so based on it's rating it could probably handle more.