Needed to build a cheap PC for company boardroom, this will end up being connected to an electronic whiteboard and sit on shelf behind the whiteboard.

My goals going into this was to go small form factor to save space, and also look decent enough, so if any clients see the PC on the shelf it doesn't look like a ****** whitebox build.


  • Intel Core i3: Didn't really need high end specs as this would only be for presentation only Intel i3 chosen based on budget.

  • ASRock Mini-ITX motherboard chosen based on inclusion of Wifi module and budget.

  • G.Skill Ram: Picked based on budget, 8GB more then enough, and no reason to cheap out with less.

  • Samsung 850 Pro: I could have opted for non SSD drive, but I wanted the PC to seem fast loading any applications, no need for large disk space, and normally would have opted for 256GB model. SSD's great deal at this price.

  • The Silverstone ML05 looked to be a good fit for my requirements, low profile and the nice glassy finish on the front would be suitable for presentation.

  • SFX12V 300W Power Supply: Went for SFX size power supply based on budget. 300W plenty for requirements.


Wifi module on motherboard needs to be manually installed and I found the antenna connectors that screw into the IO panel to be very poorly designed.

The ML05 power and reset buttons on the inside of the case are very close to the motherboard and with power supply cabling make it extremely tight. The cabling needed to be bent almost 90 degrees from the physical button, in my situation both the power and reset buttons cables stopped working due to poor solder at the button connection. It wasn't worth returning the entire case, so have ordered replacement ATX buttons which can slot in.

I hope the ATX buttons I ordered are better quality, and I'll be extra careful with cabling these buttons when I install them.

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  • 59 months ago
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such a nice homework option ... for small space. Nice.