This build came together better than I could have imagined. I wanted something that could last a few years and this was a big step up from my previous rig that was a few years old. I was on a Dual 3.0 P4 with 2 gb of memory. Needless to say this rig is 25-30x faster. I mostly play online poker with this rig. I have a huge data base of hands 500,000+. This machine handles it with ease. Boot time and program loading times and lightning quick with this processor. My boot time to login screen time is under 20 seconds. It handles all the adobe programs easily. I have yet to process any HD video editing nor have I loaded my audio editing programs such as Sound Forge or Cubase. I mostly use the audio progs for recording mixed vinyl sets and then editing for sound quality. I'm interested to see how fast the mixes process on this rig. If you are looking at similar components I'd recommend them all. Even this CPU Cooler does the trick. I'm overclocking to 4.5 comfortably. I tried to push to 4.7 GHz but it was difficult to find a stable voltage.

Breakdown: CPU: Great speed and overclocking ability. It wants you to! :)

Cooler: This is a great little cooler IMO. It was easy to install and cools well for my needs.

Motherboard: Really like the expand-ability... can load more mem or vid cards later on. Has plenty of fan hook up and mb software had great fan controls. They supplied clock speed editing software was weak and I used other software to monitor and tweak the CPU.

Memory: Was going to get Kingston but this bench marked pretty close and has been great so far

Storage: The SSD is great. Super fast and I'm using it for OS and Programs. HHD is fast as well and great for storing my data files.

Video Card: Awesome video display. Haven't pushed it to the limit. Played some quake world and it pushed FPS through the roof

Case: Great cord control and ease of changing bays was a plus. Has HD Dock on top with USB 3.0 and audio. Great air flow. With MB Fan control I hardly hear any fans. It's super quiet. Bright lights may bother some but I like the night light ;)

Power Supply: I made sure to get enough power... probably too much, but I figured I'd get enough to handle some expandability. Not top rated but it's been running like a charm since purchased.

Optical: Have yet to burn with it yet. But has read all discs like a charm.

OS: I'm loving Windows 7 Pro after being on XP Pro for years. It feels like home but the improvements are noticable. I was able to tweak it nicely and it zips along.

Monitors: Bought both together and have them mounted with desk mount. They have great resolution and picture quality. Lots of controls/adjustment and options for input. Mounted easily. Mount has nice cord controll. Only gripe is that one seems slightly brighter than the other but it all depends on POV. Great monitors though. I love em. Wish the side was a bit thinner to make them look closer. Overall, very pleased.

Keyboard: I'm adjusting to the smaller keyboard and buttons are oddly placed. Even after months of use I'm still finding it hard to find home keys and delete buttons in the dark. I wish it was lit. I was on my last keyboard for 10 years or so I guess I need to give it time. It's fairly quiet but definately not the best. I wanted the bluetooth version but no BT on my rig. It was also very small but lit.

Mouse: I've had this mouse for years and it keeps on ticking. Button options are good, laser is accurate, it's comfortable and it's rechargeable which was a great feature and selling point. Works well gaming or for design/editing.

Windows Experience Index 7.8


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