'Egg', as I named my computer, is used mainly for gaming; I built her as a graduation present to myself. She's honestly the perfect computer, the only 'cons' is the fans of my GPU & CPU do make a bit of noise sometimes but its nothing too obnoxious, and the power supply cords do not allow for the greatest, most aesthetically pleasing cable management, but they don't look all that annoying.

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  • 2 months ago
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Nice build!

I noticed your RAM sticks are in the wrong slots.

For 2 sticks, it should go like this:


You can check out what I mean by your Mobo's manual here (Page 4):

Only then will you benefit from a proper dual-channel mode.

  • 1 month ago
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I already knew about this, but I prefer having them in the same channel for visual aesthetic - as I feel like it'd look weird if they were more spaced out. And on top of that, it doesn't impair my RAM performance or anything.

I was thinking of upgrading to 32 within the next year though.