UPDATE This build got cleaned and refreshed here

Built back in 2013 while in College, primarily for video editing/gaming. It's a tank, and it's starting to slow down, but it's tried and true. I could upgrade a few components here and there, but am thinking of holding out till I can upgrade the whole thing.

Yes, I know there is a jungle of wires and it looks really ugly. The case has absolutely zero room for cable management... Which is probably why it was $10.

The 3570K is wonderful. Does not hesitate on any games and decent at editing/rendering. It does bog down under 4k footage, though.

I have considered getting an SSD, but the case does not have any more room for an additional hard drive. Also, the mother board has only two SATA 6/Gbs connectors.

The GTX 660 is quite a trooper. Even though new games need to be bumped down to medium/low settings, the version I have comes with 3GB RAM, and holds up quite well in After Effects and other video tasks.

I upgraded to Windows 10 when it came out. After a bit of tweaking I like it alot more than Windows 7.

Part Reviews


Wow. This is a dang good CPU. STILL does well for gaming and video editing.


Dependable RAM. Filled it up countless times with big After Effects projects. I wasn't able to afford an SSD, so I just bought lots of RAM instead. Keeps me far away from the dreaded page file.


Great hard drive. Reliable and lots of room.

Video Card

A pretty beefy graphics card. Will still play today's games, at low-medium settings. It's done it's fair share of rendering too.


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