This chassis, basically a big black box from Cooler master, is my PC's home for 5 years now and i don't see the need to change it to a more modern case. I love the fact that its big and almost everything can fit in it. I had a 3570k in it, then a 8600k and then changed to the 9900k when it came out.

Btw it's not an error in the part list, i do have 2x HD and 2x SSD of the same type!

I play games with this PC and mostly MMOs. I played on and off EVE online, SWTOR, WoW and STO.

I recently changed back to my Noctua NH-U14S after noticing a drop in performance from my Corsair 280mm AiO and im quite pleased how well this air cooler does with the 9900k. In Cinebench R20 the highest temp the CPU reached was 78c with room temp at 22c. The CPU is at stock settings with multi-core enhancement ON and voltage limited to 1.25v. In R20 the TDP goes up to 154w.

In conclusion i love my PC, i keep all lights and RGBs disabled to keep it has black and stealthy as possible, since i have a monitor VESA mounted right over it!

EDIT : After making lil adjustments to my CPUs settings, (staying at the same voltage, but removing multi-core enhancement and doing per core overclocking of 50-50-50-50-48-48-48-48, i was able to get more performance while staying at about the same TDP!) Ive put a revised Cinebench R20 picture of the improved score.

EDIT : My CPU now run at 52-52-50-50-50-50-50-50 with a lil augmentation of the voltage to 1.315v.

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