Everything in this build is geared for gaming and schoolwork.

I chose the i5-4670k simply because I did not have the money at the time to get the 4770k, this will be a future upgrade though. And since I know Haswell chips run hot, I chose the best and most recommended affordable air cooler I could, the NH-D14.

The mobo I picked because of the great reviews and SLI compatibility. The bios is easy to navigate and I love the one click overclock option.

Memory is pretty basic, I picked this one over the others because it had a CAS of 8 as opposed to 9 or 10 and I assumed the lower the number the better. Upgraded to 16Gb in 2/2014

Storage was again pretty basic. I use the SSD with my saved games. I plan to add another in the near future.

The 770 2gb was recommended to me on and after some research I opted to go with the 4gb version as upcoming games are using more and more vram and it is needed for my triple monitor set-up. As of 2/2014 I purchased another 4Gb 770 for SLI.

The mouse was on sale at Newegg and couldn't turn it down. I was going to go with the Razer Deathadder 2013 but his one was 10.00 cheaper and had more features.

The headset I have had for a while and use it with pretty much every thing. I love the versatility of it and the quality is great! This should not be factored into the total of the build itself.

As of 2/2014 I purchased a proper desk (it was sitting on my kitchen counter) and two more monitors for 5760x1080p @ 60hz gaming. I also picked up a relatively inexpensive monitor stand to go with it. I also got myself a fancy & soft computer chair.

All but the PSU, CPU, monitor and Headset were purchased on Newegg. The PSU and CPU were I got the headset from Amazon early last year and use it with my Xbox 360, Xbox One, phone, and obviously, my PC.


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