Starting off not knowing a thing about computers, to building one of my own has been one of the most interesting experiences of my life! Deciding to join the PC gaming community was a great choice, now here's a detailed list of all my parts and how i feel they are performing so far.

CPU- Works great, paired will with the Cooler master so I get great temps. Not much more to say because I don't know what else you expect out of these things

CPU Cooler- Again, keeps my CPU nice and chilly. Easy install.

MOBO- Great Mobo, very user friendly and make the set up a breeze. Booted from a USB drive and didn't even need to enter bios, did all the work for me.

RAM- It's ram, that's all.

SSD- Great boot times for the price I paid. Makes this thing super fast, definitely would recommend the SSD-HDD combo!!

HDD- Lots of storage for a great price

Graphics card- Works great for what i've played on it so far. Ran BF4 on Ultra at 60 fps. Great card

Case- Decent case for the money, however spacing was a bit awkward for my parts and didn't allow for any external fans to be added.

PSU- Hasn't blown up

OS- sucks having to pay 100 dollars for an operating system :/


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You have the fan on the wrong side of the heatsink.

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Lol beginner mistake! Thanks for the help man