I built it because I could. I game and surf and check email and watch movies on it. Everything works perfectly

The 280mm radiator fit perfectly in the Fractal R4 with no modifications. No drills needed. Fits tight and makes no noise.

Performance is amazing. Who needs X-99?

I have since cleaned up cables a bit and added 2 more NZXT fans on the rad to blow some air thru the case. I was not expecting any cooling improvement but I saw a couple degrees. I believe this to because the R4 doesnt provide a ton of air through the front, even with larger fan size. The noise difference is nominal.

THe Asus board is very nice. It OC's itself better than I can. It has a bios setting for everything. Easy 4.8ghz, 2666mhz with great temps and fast raid along with a 780ti and quiet cooling.

X79 Raid0 works great. Super easy install with W8.

Hyper Beast Ram is amazing. I have never had bad Kingston Ram. OC's to 2666.

PNY 780ti...what can I say? It's amazing. OC's like.... a lot! Just add Afterburner.

I added a ORICO AC525-2S -BK Aluminum 2 Bay 5.25 " to 2.5 " Hard Drive SSD mounting Converter Bracket Adapter for the Vectors and mounted in the bottom 5 in bay.

Most of the time the PSU makes ZERO noise...every now and then the fans spins up for 10 -15 seconds and goes back to non-audible. Maybe once every 2 hours or so with OC's

Monitor shown is test monitor.

I keep OC to 4.2 (stock V) and 2666 (1.6) and fans at 25% everyday. Boots in 20 seconds. The only pain is when an OC goes bad and I have to clear CMOS it takes 2 resets(one to assign RAID) and (one to find drives)before I am back up and running.

I bought the parts throughtout 2013 when they went on sale. Most came from Micro Center, Newegg. THe board came from B&H Photo and the PSU came from Best buy. THe GPU was a gift from MicroCenter. I completed it exactly one week before x99 arrived. One doesn't need the newest tech to get killer results. Wish I has a 4930k..Oh well. Looking to add another 780ti or 2.

I can't tell how much joy this system gives me. If I were to update to X99..I would be looking at 1000 bucks minumum to replace mobo/proc/ram, probably more. Would the performance gains be worth it?? I don't know but I do not think it would.

Overall...really nice system.

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  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

glad to see another x79 user!

  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

I like the specs. I like even more the Blu-Ray drive add-in. I think the cable management could use a little work. Other than that... Not bad, not bad at all.

  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

Damn that's a nice *** parts list

  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

Cool dude, I fit my x61 in my Define R4 ;)