I made this that is all..........

In all seriousness this was a build friggen 8 months in the making. I must have redone the build many times before a settaled with the list I have before you.

CPU: was home on leave in NYC and really it was a impulse buy I didn't really think nothing of it, but it was at that moment I realized oh crap guess am really am doing this right now. So far am satisfied with the performance. Does exactly what I want it to do.

Cooler: Does the job nuff said

Motherboard: This was an annoying one. I was TOTALLY sold on getting the msi krait to make my "white & black" build. With its lack of availability and me being on a time crunch this was one of the main factor of me revamping everything so far. It has pretty good specs and performance for its cost so am satisfied.

RAM: Even though this is mostly a gaming rig I have 16 gigs. Why? Well I used to work in IT doing low level stuff but before I left they started showing me the basics on VM's and such, so with the 16 I can start practicing on vm's for network management.

SSD: Whoo almost freaked out on this one. So I finished the build and was preparing to load the OS when this drive absolutely REFUSED to be recognized by the bios. This probably had me going for like a extra hour and half in the build progress trying to figure out what the flying duck was going on. Luckily I had my handy dandy asus laptop with me to see if the the drive was really dead. Turns out it did not ship with boot sectors and that's why it wasn't recognized by the bios. Did that quick fix and all was well. Felt pretty stupid about it but from my experience almost every new drive I bought had it.

HDD: storage Blah blah

VIDEO CARD: Ok, so this was another one of those things I was completely sold on initially. Like did you know their was an all WHITE R9 NANO. I was flipping balls yo. But since the nice all white build went out the window so did that nano :( I decided to just save some money a go for a card Ill be happy with but still get good performance hence the r9 390. Pretty happy with it so far.

CASE: I liked the case for it nice simple look and open internals. Cable management was pretty easy in it too. But I kinda just shoved it in there shrugs the space was there lmao. Also wanted it to be White :( (I swear Ill let it go one day)

POWER: does it what I need it to do. I can't but wonder about it though because on sapphire website the recommended PS is 750W only time will tell.

ADAPTER: While I am on a wired connection now that may not be an option for me in the future so I got it just in case.

FANS: Blah blah fans

MONITOR: I didn't know much about it. It was gift for Christmas. Love watching vids on it though.

KEYBOARD MOUSE HEADSET: these were also gifts. I like them so far

Welp this build was brought to in part by your friendly neighborhood marine slay dragons

P.s. will have to upload pics later I forgot to take them sorry XD

Edit: added crappy pics :D

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  • 43 months ago
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Is the monitor good for gaming?