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by Jonez994



Date Published

Feb. 3, 2018

Date Built

Jan. 26, 2018

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

30.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

51.0° C



Part Reviews


I decided to pick this CPU because of 3 reasons affordability, overclockable and also good for video editing and gaming at 1080p. Tho its behind the series in the Intel line of CPU its still new and uses the latest ram technology DDR4 therefore good memory speeds and also a huge upgrade for me from haswell core i3 chip to core i5 sky lake chip. I was able to OC this chip to 4.4ghz at stable 1.28V using my AIO without crashing when bench marking. This is a good chip for those who cant afford the new entry line of coffee lake or sky lake X CPU's.

CPU Cooler

For entry level Overclockers like me i would recommend to use this AIO from corsair its decent for mid light OC on ur chip without overheating and good temp of idle of 30 degrees and under load of 51degrees. i know guys would be wondering why i didnt go for the cooler master recent AIO which are more affordable and much better....well reason is i bought this cooler way before the coolers were rolled out in my local market. However it supports the AM4 socket (ryzen sockets) so its a win win situation should i decide to go over Red team. Also note that since i installed the pump and the 120mm fan it doesn't produce much noise or cringe noise that can upset Ur gaming or productive work even in load. And best of all its 60usd AIO i mean that's enough reason to buy it if you don't have money for larger AIO like h100iv2.


well this was another part that took into a lot of consideration. i was tied between in buying a z370 board and z270 board and however got myself buying ASUS TUF MARK z270 board. due to this reason only, it can support both sky lake and kabby lake chips. so this is give ample space to either or weigh my options to choose sky lake chip or kabby lake chip and also due its z270 board it can support OC of chips. on the flip side i might not be on the current new architecture of Intel but i couldn't stand the fact that Intel made another new board to support the new chipsets and of which to me i felt absurd buying buying the z370board. since am in a third world country it would be rather costy to buy current new gen chipsets locally or even internationally because it would go over my budget allocated to this build.
and also this specific board has good looking features and goodies inside. you get rgb, good cammo look reinforced PCI slots, SLI bridges for your multiple and gpus and lastly a coupon for cable mods if you need to buy some nice sleeved cables for your power connectors peripherals.


At this current PC building world having a 8gb of ram doesn't seem to be logic however due to nature of how DDR4 rams have become very expensive and had to come by the store. i saw a good opportunity to procure this ram stick and managed to fit it in my budget range allocated. simple tasks and gaming this ram can handle for the time being till i can procure my next 8gb ram stick to come to complete of 16gb which is the current minimum requirement for gaming. also it fitted to my PC build feel of black and red. also it has decent speed to 2666mhz.


PC build without proper storage like a SSD isn't a build or rather complete. this is because reading and writing of data and also transfer of data between the devices. having a ssd such as this really helps in video productivity esp and also booting up the OS. i decided to buy 240gb for my adobe premiere my OS and few games that i use on a daily basis to be able load fast and transfer video projects to my external HDD. at the current market buying large SSD is costly so having btw 240-400gb within your budget is more than enough to use on a daily basis. kingston have the affordable SSD to buy and so far it has disappointed me yet in terms of booting up and what not.


this is preference that's it. i would have gone for less and flashy casing but am fanboying for NZXT CASES. nzxt s340 elite captured my eyes with its spacious compartments, its tampered glass which is amazing and so sturdy, nice matte black finish on the outside which you can feel it and clean, has decent cable management system on the back and spacious for 120mm/240mm rad to mount on front or the back/top for the 120mm. it comes with magnetic puck for your VR headset or Headphone where you can just hang it and make your work space clean and neat from the cabling. also it has decent mounting points for your 2.5inch HDDs and SSD mounts where you can showcase them by the tampered glass and added advantage it comes with HDMI pass through for your VR headset in front of your chassis.

Power Supply

EVGA provide affordable and certified power supplies for your PC.....trust me never cheap out on PSU. if its cheaping out consider buying this model is 55usd not noisy and provide nice and clean power to your parts without shorting or damaging your expensive system parts. it has 8pin connector for your mobo and 6+2pin for GPU power connector.


Its my first time buying a mech keyboard but my experience so far i can say i really love it and i love how its responsive when it comes to typing and also gaming. its noisy tho but that's less worries for me. its compatible and the red led of which i would wish to play around with but i cant. however decent mech keyboard with mx cherry switches.

External Storage

For my extra 1tb space and transfer of media in and out of my pc.

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