So this is my first build i wanted to have a amazing gaming PC

CPU it was only 100USD more so i got it instead of the i5

MOBO it had everything I wanted for future upgrading

Memory Plan on getting another 8G (16 total) maybe will try to upgrade in the future to 32G

Storage the samsung 850 EVO was on sale so i got it because I wanted it for my OS and Dota2 lol, I already had the 2TB barracuda from my old computer will get another one in the future

GPU originally i wanted to the Gigabite GTX 970 but I saw it was not really 4g but 3.5g and .5g of really slow video memory so i forced my self to get the radeon R9 290x. really like MSI though so ehh....

Tower went with the Twelve hundred V3 ATX full tower because i love over kill. i know it is a older case but its massive

PSU Gold, on sale, 750W nothing amazing

OS 8.1(ewww) but got it free so i dont care

love my key board and mouse

My last part (GPU) is going to be here is a few days and then ill start putting it together and will post picture of me building and and complete build

also plan to over clock

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