I have been an Avid laptop gamer for most of my life, particularly the Asus G series of laptops. My current laptop, a G75, has been outdated compared to the current games and titles, and I got talked into building a desktop rather than spend another 1500+ on a laptop that is not upgrade-able.

Cpu- I chose the i5-6500 due to it being the newer Skylake series, which means less power and more efficiency, and I had a deal at Microcenter to pick one up for $170 new, so I chose that over the 4590. I didn't want a 6600k because I have no intentions of overclocking at this point, and even if I do, the 6500 is overclockable...

Cooling - Using the stock cooler for now, plenty of cooling power for the gaming that I do. I will be adding a AIO cooler at some point in the future, which will more than likely be a NZXT Kraken.

Case- NZXT S340 White W/ Window. I chose this case for 3 reasons, I wanted a relatively small sized case, with lots of room(no HDD trays in the way, although it has the support brace that doesn't take up that much space), and has plenty of dust filters and easy to expand in. This case has plenty of room for extra fans, or a future AIO cooler radiator.

Ram- Again Microcenter had 2x8gb sticks of EVGA ddr4-2400 ram for 65 bucks. Made by G-skill, and have had no issues thus far.

Mobo- I chose the Gigabyte because it was 1. a MATX board, had everything I needed on it, 3 fan headers, plenty of sata 6, and killer ethernet port. Scheme was Red/Black and fit my build very nicely, and also had a $20 off deal for buying with a processor so I got this Z170 board for $110. It also allows me to upgrade to a 6600k or 6700k in the future with no need to swap my mobo. Win Win.

Storage- I wanted a SSD with this build, but also bulk hardware for saved game clips and videos, so I chose the Samsung 850 250gb SSD and a WD 1tb harddrive. I've been using Samsung and WD products for years and not once had a single issue with either companies. The SSD was on sale for 75 and the WD was 40 again at Microcenter.

Gpu - MSI GTX970 Gaming 4G edition. This card is a beast, cool temps, reliable, and comes at a relatively decent OC from the factory. Add on MSI's Afterburner, and OC is super easy, and the performance is unreal. Honestly, this card is overkill for 1080p gaming that I do, but it allows me to play at 1440p when I upgrade my monitor.

Psu - EVGA 550w Supernova G2. Two things about this PSU. 1. the modular aspect is amazing for cable management, and the cables are wrapped in black layouts. 2. This particular series is made by the best brand out there, SeaSonic, so the reliability of this PSU is nothing to worry about at all. 550W is plenty of power for this current build.

Wifi Adapter - I don't currently have a dual band AC router, so I went with the TP-Link PCI-E adapter. This thing was super easy to install, just plug and play. I have had no issues with connection or speed with this thing. Will be upgrading to a Gigabyte AC adapter when my new router comes in, but will be using this in a different build for sure.

Monitor - This Acer has great reviews, G-Sync, 144hz refresh and a 1ms response. Perfect for FPS games, perfect screen size for 1080p and the G-sync with the 970 is ridiculous. Got this monitor 25% off at Microcenter, couldn't beat it for $260.'

I haven't had a lot of time with this build yet, but from what I have played and experienced, this thing is killer. A huge upgrade over my old 660M and I have yet to find a game I play that can even sweat the 970.


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What have you played on this build

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So far I have only played Rainbow Six Siege, which plays at 120-140 fps on ultra with everything maxed out, Evolve, Diablo 3 and Planetside 2, all at max settings with no issues. I do also stream to twitch and have not noticed any fps drop while streaming. I know its not that graphically demanding, but i haven't had a chance to install witcher 3 or AC yet.