Build for a friends dad. He was stuck on huge memory at least I talked him down from 16gb. I wish I could have gone to 8gb ram and upped the gpu to at least a 7870 but even a 7850 is wayy overkill for his needs. He will love this thing and miles better then the Dell he wanted to buy. This build is not completed yet first of 4 shipments will be here tomorrow and I will update as I go. I decided to not go with the modular power supply due to the large amount of drives going in to this build. If you are using all of the modular cables being modular no longer has an advantage.

Edit: Started off with Raidmax Super Hurricane and found it to be too small to fit the Asus 7850. The 7850 has an additional 2.5 inches hanging off the end of the card due to its cooling fins so Corsair Carbide 300R has replaced the Raidmax case.

Everything went with out any issues other then the case replacement. Very fast but may need a cooler, but he is not very concerned so well see down the road.


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Wow you build a lot of computers.. I like this one, but aftermarket heat sink, seriously. ..