After watching some Videos about building PCs I saw a video about this cheap Xeon chip (E5 2670). Some people even said it's the best deal as of this moment :D Somehow it got me hyped (yeah I was in need of a good "new" pc).... Well whatever the only problem I saw at first was how to get a cheap x79 Motherboard -> So I was looking on ebay and found only the Supermicro X9SRA Server Motherboard... There was nothing cheaper which looked like it would still work.... till then I didn't know or didn't think that this would cause some "minor" issues later... My cheapskate brain has gone online since then >_<

What's still missing?

Yeah the Video card is still missing.... As of this moment there still aren't any Rx 480 Custom Designs available (I just put in the Radeon Rx 480 4GB as a placeholder... actualy I am thinking about getting the 8GB one); Currently I am still running an ati radeon 3600 series.... 500 MB video card (from my old PC)

Problem solving?

If you go by the instructions/guidelines you would probably connect the CPU fan to the CPU fan header (which is FAN1 in my case) but for an easy way... to build a silent PC it's a NO! Why? Well beacuse it's a workstation mainboard in the first case which was not configured for big slow silent fans... the system would panic if the CPU fan (which is connected to FAN1) go below ~700 rpm in my case (some people say more some say less) -> and Fan would spin at 100% speed - this process would cycle on and I thought I would need to trash this build because it got even louder than my old PC; #SupermicroServerMainboardProblems #NewbieAtWork those configs can't be changed in any way (more like I didn't find any easier solution to solve loud fan noise so I just connected it to another available fan header and YES! my system still stays cool enough and there is no "fan on fan off cycle" which would drive anyone crazy. (Took me a whole day to realize just connect the CPU Fan not to the CPU Fan Header and use Speedfan to control my Fan speed >_< #WTF)

Out of 8 Ram slots 2 are probably damaged (yeah not my fault but buying used stuff comes with a risk). I just connected my 4 Rams in a different order -> YES! it works :) (Probably not the best way to run 4 Ram sticks, if I would follow the normal guidelines it would definitly tell me to put it in a different order... >_<)

Also I want to mention that my system got unstable with Ram on 1600 Mhz so I had to run them on 1333 Mhz; Chrome Tabs were crashing and Windows had to restart a few times because Windows found some error (I still don't know why because both motherboard and Ram can run on 1600 Mhz)... somehow it was unstable :S Maybe because I had to put Ram in a wrong order?!

Which parts did I get used?

  • CPU (I got the Sr0h8 version (c1 stepping) which does not support vt-d if you believe in the rumours , try to get a e5-2670 sr0kx for a "100%" vt-d support)
  • (I would buy a used silent CPU cooler but there was none when I looked for LGA 2011)
  • motherboard (try to find a X79 new motherboard I dare you xD)
  • Ram (55€ for 16GB CL9 1600 Mhz was the best deal I could find) #HappyAboutThisDeal
  • HDD for around 20 bucks (bidding on ebay isn't that bad I think)
  • Case Fractal Design S (55€ no shipping) (looks like new; +2x Be quiet Fans) #HappyAboutThisDeal

Was I lucky sometimes?

I think yes :) I didn't had to buy any Windows 10 Version. Why? I installed Win 10 and only wanted to test my system out first. But it activated itself online probably because the prior owner (of the chip/motherboard) probably installed Win 10 OEM before and activated it once so it reactivated itself after I installed Win 10 :D

Last words

For my very first Build I think I did well with this one :) Try to avoid serverboards if you want to build a silent pc >_<

It still makes quite the noise at startup because of using a slow silent CPU cooler in combination with a Supermicro Server Mobo is not optimal I would say. And Speedfan also needs some time to autostart. I will probably have to bear with the noise for a few minutes (~5min.) at every boot. Or I will have to buy an fan controller (for the CPU Fan at least, CPU fan has 4 pins and is controlled by mobo; Case fans are 3 Pin and running around 1000 RPM constantly)

(Maybe I will add some pictures later, but there are no fancy LEDs and so on >_<)


Update 5th August 2016

  • I ordered the Rx480 8GB Devil (~300 €) and the Fan Controller.

Update 10th August 2016

  • Fan-Controller solves Fan-noise Issue; Just forget I said anything about fans above (I know that I don't know much xD); Seems like Fan threshold works this way: FAN RPM too low -> PWM FANS go 100% (there is no difference between any Fan header and there is no "CPU-Fan-header"; All my case fans are now static (powered by 7V) and only my CPU fan can be conrolled manually
  • added some pictures, Sry for bad cable management at that time, I will do better when my GPU arrives

Update 31th August 2016

  • It's done! Finally finished, compared to my old rig this one is a beast (ATI 3600 series -> RX480 Devil) :3


  • 41 months ago
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Nice build, are you planning on upgrading the board to a dual socket LGA 2011?

  • 41 months ago
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Probably not in the near future because I am a poor student with a very tight budget and I heard that After Effects doesn't profit that much of multicore systems sadly >< But the system is fast enough for my workloads already :D For 880€ a pretty solid build (my budget was up to 900 bucks) - US prices are so much better -19% Taxes ><

  • 37 months ago
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Hey man, thinking of doing a very similar build, still holding strong? any tips? I'll be doing special effects at uni and thought it would be good for it?

  • 36 months ago
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Hey :) For me this one still work very well - Just go for what you believe in ^

I don't know what workloads you are goind to use as a special effect student. If you aren't sure either just go for a i7 (allrounder) or wait for some good deals or wait for Ryzen (AMD).

Any Tips: Try to avoid server-motherboards if you want to go for a silent-build. You can save money if you go for a PSU with less W. Any GPU with at least 1GB will do. After Effects would like to have at least around 2 GB Ram per core.

  • 36 months ago
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Yeah I think I'll just go for an i7 now, also can't be bothered to wait for Ryzen aha . it's my first build and think ill go with something bit safer than a xeon build now, maybe in the future:)

  • 30 months ago
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I did a similar build with a E5-1660 and a Gigabyte X79S-UP5. TBH, the locked multiplier of the E5-2xxx series was what made me go with a 6 core with high overclockability. Paired with a Cryorig A80, my rig hits 4.5Ghz with all slots filled with 32GB total of RAM.