So I have been a PC gamer since my very early days in middle school and am now in my senior year of college. Back in high school I never had the money to afford something like this, and then when I went to college I bought a Macbook due to the fact that is what they recommended for my major. Anyway, tax return time came around and I was planning on getting a PS4 when I thought to myself, "How sweet would it be to put together that gaming PC I have always wanted." And so I did.

The reason I chose the selected parts is as follows.

CPU-Always been a fan of AMD processors for some reason, so even from the start that is what I wanted to go with. Eventually I will upgrade to an 8350 along with a 770 or something like that. Right now it gives me good performance paired with the 760, especially since I have it clocked up to 4.4 ghz.

CPU Cooler- It's good. That's about it.

Motherboard- I wanted something that wouldn't break the bank and still give me functionality. Even though it is serving me great so far and getting my 6300 up to 4.4 ghz, this is one of the aspects where I wish I would have spent a little more money on.

Memory- RAM is RAM. It looks cool. It's blue

Hard Drive- Same thing, just wanted reliability.

Video Card- Fit my price range and seemed to give me a little better bang for my buck over the Radeon cards.

Case- My least favorite part of the build. It was the first thing I bought and I didn't do much research as it was on sale at the time. Isn't a bad case for airflow but has terrible cable management options, as you can probably see above. A little after taking these pictures I did go back in and zip tie everything back up, but even with that it still isn't the best.

Power Supply- Kept seeing Corsair as reliable, and the supply was on sale for $20, so why not.

Windows 7- I wanted to go with Windows 7 due to the horrendous things I had been hearing about windows 8 lately, so far I love it.

Monitor- I bought this monitor for two reasons. 1: it was on sale at the time and 2: it had great customer reviews on any site that I could find it. So far it's been great, colors are deep and response isn't bad.

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  • 68 months ago
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hey nice build dude, can i ask how you managed that overclock as i'm trying to get mine stable and deciding whether or not to go 990fx or stick with the 970 chipset so any help would be accepted :D

  • 68 months ago
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Yeah definitely, as far as 990 and 970 goes if you want to go with a 970 as they are usually cheaper I would recommend this board. It has an 8+2 power phase which is not usually seen in the 970 boards and really helps with overclocking. It also depends on the CPU you have but that shouldn't vary too much. Otherwise if you want all the additional features a 990 has then go with that. Thanks for the comment!