My first pc build. Learning together with my daughter. Our fun and educational summer project. Going amd to save $ and still get some good 1080 gaming.

First few pictures show our build up and running pre-water cooling. We have now begun our loop and will post new pics soon. Also you can see all the CCFL lighting i put in. The shot from the back kinda show two switches i wired up for all UV and all white modes. Mostly black and white parts show off the UV and white themes and if nether soot my mood i can just flip it all off.

I have seen some fantastic builds in this case (mostly on this site!) I know this is humble by comparison by I;m happy to add my rendition to the line up.

Part Reviews


worked well while it lasted (short life as my mobo killed it)

: ( ......................RIP

CPU Cooler

The main advantage I see to this cooler (besides the fact it works just as well as any cooler in its price range) Is that is had a different shape and fan orientation then most coolers this sizes. This way a key factor for me and the reason I used this in the end. Most other coolers this sizes with a good size fan and heat pipe and a much bigger footprint over your cup. In my case almost all standard sizes coolers would hover over 2 of my ram slots, thus making it impossible to use all 4 slots.

This cooler is narrow at the base and doesn't get wide till a higher point, further from your Mobo. So 5 points for unique shape and knitchy applications. I'd recommend this for hot, small, cramped builds. Also ya cant argue with the price.


Here's the thing. I'm a noob and this probably broke due to my stupidity so these stars mean a lot less, but here is my tale.

I bought this board for 3 simple reasons. It was very affordable for what it offered, It was from a well know brand and it looked dam sexy, way sexier than any other boards in this price range.

Unfortunately it get very hot very fast and the build quality is MEH so so. Friend have told me this board is "All looks" and I see what they meant. I'll admit in the end it blew because of one loose screw (my fault, didnt notice it while working on another part of the chassis) but that **** lit up so fast it not only fried itself the second i turned it on. it fried my CPU as well. DEAD AND DEAD in one second. From one grounding screw being loose.

Also when it did work the features didn't all work (fan ports and such) and like I said those sexy heat sink got super hot under light loads.

So take it or leave it I know some of you have had great luck with this board. Myself, I'm getting me an asus sabertooth ;P


so far all good. absolutely no issues with the build quality or performance. Solid product for the price.

Video Card

This review come AFTER the release of the fx 480 so lets seeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I'm still happy I have a 390. Why? because even if it is a dinosaur and it ins't as efficient and it does cost more..... not everything new is automatically better. Yes the 480 is more "forward thinking" but if you don't give a **** about power consumption or its ginormous size its actually more powerful (only by a bit)

Small, new, more eco friendly cars are more practical, just like the 480, but in a straight line down an open road, a big, old gas guzzling muscle car like the 390 is still faster, louder and more fun.

At the end of the day, do you want to build a Honda? or a hot rod? Why are we here people?


We all know why this case is awesome. Looks nice, affordable, built well, simple and with a lot of thought put into it. NZXT makes good stuff.

I guess I just want to justify not giving the 5th star.

It scratches very easily, especially the clear plastic window.

Not having a disk drive can be a pain especially in a tower this size. You think you don't need one until you don't have one. It's true you can live with out it but I've realized life is easier having that option if you need it.

It fits a lot inside but maybe not quite as much as you may expect. Radiation and water cooling isn't as easy as one would assume in this case because of space and layout. This isn't a major issue and I got around some of these situations by drilling extra holes when needed or finding new ways to mount things. If your creative and you want a lot going on inside there this is no prob.

I still highly recommend the Case. Just go in knowing theses things.

Power Supply


Don't bother. It didn't brake but everything about it feels cheep. To the point that I replaced it quickly. Even if your peak power is lower than 400w, this supply will make so much noise it drowns out 8 fans, an old HD and a 390 gpu and sounds like it will die any second or set you house on fire. WHILE IDLE! yup.

also ugly nasty stiff feeling cables. There are many more reviews out there on just how loud this thing is. Its like a joke. Like they used the parts to make this thing from the old noisy vacuum cleaners we all threw away years ago.


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Very nice choice of AMD components. I've owned the exact same motherboard and processor as you and I must say that it's a great starter combo. I really suggest overclocking that processor to around 4.8Ghz so you'll get the full effect of gaming with an R9 390.

Great case also, I own a black one and I love it a ton but I must advise you that the acrylic window scratches really easily. It's disgustingly easy. I use compressed air to dust it every other week or so.

Oh yeah, great summer project! Building computers is so fun and educational. +1

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Thanks for the comment! Yes it scratches SOOO easy but $70 case sooo yea...

Update: I just blew something on my motherboard today : ( ...... I bought it exactly 31 days ago.... no returns...... FAIL

pretty sure i must have bumped it or shocked it or something. It could have also just failed with the works all finally plugged in. I love the way to board looks so I'm really sad to see it go HOWEVER friends have warned me this board is more or less ALL LOOKS. and they have had a lot of msi boards blow up in there face.

So im thinking Gigabyte Ultra durable. The quest continues.

( a small part of me is happy something went wrong and the project keeps going : )

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I run a MSI 970 GAMING board in my build... no problems yet, and I'm running a mild OC of 4.2 GHz with a FX-8320 on it. I've had some Gigabyte boards go boom on me in the past, I could say the same about them. Either way, you have the technology, you can rebuild it... :)

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I suppose your right.

And yes... We will rebuild!

and when that goes boom I guess I have to go asus? hahaha

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also i kinda wish i had got your possessor (JELLY FACE)

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A friendly suggestion for overclocking, get a 990FX board. This one looks really good from a price to review score perspective:

I'm not sure I recommend a Gigabyte board for AM3+. I built a workstation with a FXA990 UD3 R5 and it wouldn't boot with the RAM set to anything other than 1330MHz. Apparently it's an issue with the memory contorller if you fill all 4 dimm slots like I did, and since you have 4 sticks it might be better to avoid that.

Another thing is that with these boards you seriously need to put a fan blowing on the VRM's or they will thermal throttle bad when gaming. For your case it looks like you'll actually need to use the top fan as an intake, so flip it over and you should be good.

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That sucks man! I've also heard complaints about this specific board but I steadily used it for 3 months before upgrading. The only problem I ever had with it was Boot Error:99. That problem was fixable by disconnecting all USB's connected via the motherboard and then rebooting.

Hope it was on the premounted standoffs in the S340!

Good luck with your motherboard adventures,

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Interesting use of tape :P

But nice build and I hope you enjoy the r9 390 because I know I do +1

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Thank you! yes the 390 is amazing! The tape and white heat shrink cover is a temporary aesthetics measure... black and white cable extensions are in the mail : )

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Ooh laa laa, my build is too mish mash for custom cables.

will you update the build post when you install them?

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haha yea it wasn't the original plan but when it was all together the rainbow cables stood out in a bad way so i saw you could just get extenders rather then a full set.

and yes more water cooling, new motherboard and pictures of it all coming soon

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Fantastic, I am looking forward to it

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Looking into a custom loop for my build and wanted to know what pump and res combo i like the look of it in the case and that is the case i will be building in. Edit: i found it and i like it a lot, also you build looks great, too bad for that motherboard!

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Im not expert by any means but the xspc ion I put in seems to be more than powerful enough for this size loop. Plus it looks good : ) Getting a combo res/pump deff saves $ too.

HOWEVER if you going with this case and this pump you may need to do a lil custom mounting like I did. The way the ion mounts I had to reshape the brackets to get it in the right spot. If you don't mind drilling little mounting holes in a new place or reworking the bracket your good with this set up.

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NEW MOBO in the mail!

very excited, kinda when all out on this one since I'll be gaming on it for i while I hope.

Also new PUS

wanted the extra power and less noise and got a good deal on it.