A budget office/light editing rig replacing my father's 8-year-old piece of trash. It 's been quite easy to build in this case, which is really cheap but solid (all parts but the front are metal, dustproof mesh everywhere): the only small imperfection is the lack of a cutout behind the mobo for the 8-pin cpu power cable.

Really easy assembling and SO installation...then the nightmare began. After moving the PC in another room (after switching the I/O button and correctly unplugging the PSU), the PC refused to turn on. I immediately thought of a PSU failure, but using it to power another rig showed me the problem was elsewhere. Then I googled a bit and realised that the problem was in ASRock's Z97 anniversary mobo: in fact even if it didn't turn on the USB ports worked fine (they recharged my phone!). I still don't know what happened, because I read online that when this happens (and it tends to happen quite frequently on ASRock Z97s) on Extreme4 versions you need to reset BIOS with the button on the mobo, but of course this isn't possible on Z97 Anniversary.

I filed for RMA with the vendor and sent the mobo back, but probably I'll replace it with a MSI Z97 PC Mate. Still haven't played around with OC, since the PC stopped working after less than 24hrs. Anyways, it'll be just a light and as stable as possible OC.

Really pleased with Raijintek's case and cooler, even if I played with it for only few hours. Totally pissed by ASRock.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Quieter than I thought. Really good budget cooler


Died on me after working flawlessly for 24hrs. Probably something with BIOS, still waiting for the replacement

Wireless Network Adapter

Awesome price/performance ratio. Good range (nothing extraordinary), good connection stability


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There is other ways to reset bios, you should check this

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OP Needs to read the manual if what I'm understanding is correct. "No BIOS Reset Button" - That's what the jumper pins are for, or the battery if that fails.

Feel sorry for ASRock if this is the case. If not and it's just a bad board then I feel sorry for OP.

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I tried everything except for removing the battery [yes, the jumper too]. I didn't want to ruin it by messing with the battery so I RMA it..but thanks for the link!