So I decided it was time to build a new machine, upgrading from a decent hard-working i5-6600K (see other build under my profile). After researching platforms, reading reviews and builds as well as watching MANY YouTube builds I decided on AMD. I have owned previous AMD machines over the years, had an Athlon build moved as well as an 8350-FX.

The main purpose of the build was to have a machine decent enough to support using Virtual Machines, and editing family video's. The i5 could probably slug it out, but that platform is as of Intel's latest release, a 5th generation build. This build was semi-budget, reusing the GTX1070 that ended up saving me ~ $500 dollars on a new graphics card. I do some gaming, nothing crazy mostly World of Tanks so there wasn't a performance issue that I needed to address. This build is more than adequate to handle the entertainment aspect of my computing needs, the extra horses should give me several years of service (knock on wood).

I targeted the B450 chipset after my research because it gave me the basics that also support the newer Ryzen 7 processors. If money was not a constraint, I would have loved to do a Threadripper build, the bragging rights alone would be super satisfying. The build took me about a week to gather, I bought the WD SSD on sale because it was limited stock. I got the rest (minus the graphics card and monitor as those were reused) this past Black Friday sales. Debated between the NZXT cases and this Corsair for a while, both are nice also considered color scheme on this one. Originally I was thinking a white with silver/black theme, but a coworker convinced me that black with red accents would be killer. Since I did not have a use for a 5.25" bay to house optical drives or extra storage (as in my previous build) this black case was less expensive and gives me the side window to show off some RGB. While I was looking for style, the amount of RGB on this build is well, underwhelming. :)

Here is the bill of materials, with actual prices because I am not sure that I can edit the prices as chosen from the component search parts list I put together.

CPU: $440 Mobo: $110 (- $10 rebate) RAM: $85 SSD: $80 Case: $80 (- $10 rebate so it will be $70) PSU: $80 (recommended by Memory Express tech) Monitor: $0 (reused from previous build) ============== Total: $ 855.00 (not incl. tax) all from Memory Express

I hope you like it, the build process was a lot of fun, enjoyed my Saturday afternoon putting this beauty together. Also uploading some benchmark pics from Prime95 tests, using AIDA gave me trouble and very high temps.

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  • 2 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build, love that you using your old parts! Ppairing this monitor with this graphics card seems weird a bit.

Two questions: Is the RGB cooler come with the CPU? How's the air flow for this case?

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for the compliment, the cpu cooler came with the processor. I'll give it a chance, and if the two 120mm intake fans at the front of the case don't cut it, I'll upgrade that. My i5 build had a noctua fan, and it made a huge difference. I think the change to a better fan could drop temps, in my case I saw a 10 degree drop.

Question for you, what does the pairing of video card and monitor seem off?

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

I meant it was a little weird to connect a 4K screen with this video card. Playing in 4K resolution is difficult even for new video cards. Sorry with I'm not clear. English is not my native language, trying as much as I can.