Final version of Stormbreaker after almost a year.

I originally went with a white and black theme with rgb, but slowly made it into a blue and purple theme, and it looks amazing!

Used a software called Rainmeter to personalize my desktop, and made honeycomb icons to give it a clean look. Was inspired by a reddit post for it. Took a tiny bit to figure out, but is easy after watching this youtube video if you want to learn more. WARNING! the intro is noisy but the information is solid.

I got the tv for a second screen from a thrift shop for $10. They said the antenna was broken so they'd give it to me for $10. I felt bad cuz they were older so I told them I could still use it because it had HDMI. They apparently didn't know what that means, but oh well :/ lol

I ordered an rgb led kit with a Bluetooth controller from Amazon for maybe $30 and lined the sides and top of my monitor and tv. Also lined the edges of the PC that face the wall and down onto the desk. Very pleased with the outcome, I keep the brightness about halfway.

CPU: Works amazing, even if its a gen behind, it still is good for overall casual use. 6 cores and 12 threads are enough for most applications, and can run any AAA games. I've seen it as low as $120 over the holidays. Runs cool, and runs all games at max settings no problem. If you need a new CPU, consider the new 3000 series. They are well worth the price.

CPU cooler: Got this from a friend for $40. He upgraded and didn't need it anymore, and it was used for less than 6 months. Runs great, my CPU stays at around 42c when gaming for hours. Will switch back to a normal air cooler when it dies or need the liquid replaced, as I don't want to invest time to replace the liquid.

RAM: My most recent upgrade. Haven't used it too much, but it looks amazing, got it for $100 with Christmas money. I needed this upgrade, as 8GB of RAM sucks for gaming. Also runs decently fast at 3000Mhz.

Motherboard: RGB sucks. Especially the RGB fusion software. I leave the rgb off. However, it does have all the ports and features I could ever need, other than WIFI. Got this last year for $80 barely used off ebay, it was only tested once. No scratches or damage to the board. Great deal, and it provides what I need.

GPU: Am not disappointed with performance or looks. AMD cards run very good for the price. Runs cool as well, and the fans aren't too noisy unless they run above 50%. But you can't hear them with a headset on.

The painting you see above my monitor was a Christmas gift from my GF, I love it :) it brings my setup together. It's from Legends of Zelda Majora's Mask.

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  • 20 days ago
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Sick build.

  • 19 days ago
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Thank you very much!