These are the parts that I have picked out for my first build ever. This whole process has been such a pain, however the end product is so amazing. I can not believe that I actually was able to build a computer and not only have it work, but perform better than most prebuilt systems in the same price range. I took a long time researching and deal hunting as well as foraging through a couple of retired pc's that my friend no longer used. I will be upgrading the monitor soon, or getting another one and use the current one as a quick reference monitor. Any suggestions on anything that I should change? This build will be used for gaming and also music production and possibly some light video creating. Thanks for giving it a look guys! I will upload some pictures for it soon!

Part Reviews


This case is amazing!! I love how much room there is for everything as well as the ease that it brings for managing cables. solid case that also looks amazing.


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