I remember trying to push 4K on my TV with my Razer Blade GTX1060 laptop last year, it only reached 30FPS and was loud. I didn't enjoy that experience and risk of reduced hardware lifespan, so I gamed on a PS4 Pro until now. The Shadow Realm banishes my PS4 Pro checkerboard fork experience.

In the Shadows, the fans hum unnoticed as I'm pushing games at ultra settings hitting 60FPS with ease. 4K TVs like mine(Samsung KS8000) are marketed as 120hz but I believe that is false marketing(I may be wrong), on many TV I've tried it only allows half of the marketed refresh rate when connected to a PC/laptop which in my case is 60hz. I don't play many graphically demanding games, the only one I have installed is Witcher 3 and it runs amazing with ultra settings and NVidia hairworks disabled at 4K 60FPS. I feel that overclocking won't improve performance much for my usage, my CPU stays cool while my GPU does hit 60°-64° during peak 4K gaming with frame rate limiter set at 60FPS.

Excited to enjoy this system for years to come! Wouldn't think it was possible at this price looking at total build cost last year, it feels good to pull the trigger and land some semi-risky(bought my GPU used) local deals.


(The motherboard in my build is actually the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, not what's on the part list. PCPartPicker doesn't have this part listed on the website.)

Part Reviews


The value for what this Ryzen CPU delivers is amazing. I compared the performance of a higher priced Ryzen CPU for gaming, thought really hard if I should spend the extra money to buy a Ryzen 2700x but concluded that this was a great buy and I'll use the savings towards my next CPU upgrade. It can hit 4.1GHz overclocked on a non-stock cooler with no issues.

CPU Cooler

This thing is Kobe beef certified, with Wagyu grade cooling. Seriously, it is beefy and performs great! When overclocked to its peak performance, it hits roughly 6°-9° hotter than a AIO liquid cooler on the same Ryzen 2600 chip. If you don't want to mess with liquid cooling, I'd suggest this.

(PCPartPicker warned that the cooler would not fit in my case but it did fit, YMMV.)


Samsung B-Die, looks sleek and feels high quality. Selecting XMP profiles in Bios is easy and memory clocks perfect.


Good value and comes with a heatsink cover! I have a 256 Samsung 970 Evo M.2 in my laptop, the performance of this SSD is amazing and on par with Samsung. Priced $30 less($136 vs $168) than Samsung's 500GB option, this was a great deal.

Video Card

Destroys any game I throw at it, my goal for this card is 4K 60FPS gaming and it delivers. I expected it to be louder, but I think it is pretty quiet for the beast it is. Precision XOC lets you set fan curves for the 3 fans, and set 3 custom temperature sensor LEDs to display 3 levels(normal, warm, hot) with custom degrees and LED colors. Great buy, hopefully pricing of GPUs decline so everyone can enjoy this power.


Sleek budget case, well built and organized. Good room for plenty of case fan setups and AIO cooling radiator. Removable drive bay, although I would like to have removed the optical drive bay. Ventilation is okay with decent airflow, my components do not overheat under load. Window is clear with a good view, I would recommend this case!

Power Supply

As the second owner of this PSU, this is in tremendous shape(cables look durable) and performs quiet. It was lightly used for 1 year prior. I thought I needed a 750W PSU, but after installing this 650W for $40 looks like this is optimal for my build and budget!


Responsive, quiet, and great key layout. This keyboard is a little compact, but it types excellect and keys are well placed. There is a dedicated key to adjust/disable the keyboard backlight as well as volume control and media playback keys. I returned the Razer Ornata Chroma due to its loud typing and RGB software, really happy with this Corsair keyboard.


Lightweight, responsive, and comfortable. Connection was easy, connected the tiny USB bluetooth adapter and instant connection. It worked in my bios and during Windows installation, no need to install any drivers or setup. The G logo being LED lit would've been a nice touch, an amazing wireless mouse nonetheless.

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  • 19 months ago
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  • 19 months ago
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I've had this cooler outperform many 240 and 280 AiO's I've tested, as soon as you replace the fan with Corsair ML120 (AiO's with same fans or 140 version)

  • 19 months ago
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Wow that is impressive for an air cooler. Eventually I will buy the Kraken G12 and cool my GPU with an AIO but the CPU will remain air cooled. I'm rebuilding my PC for asthetics and sadly will be returning the Scythe but it is indeed a beast.

New build finishing up this week

  • 18 months ago
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that looks like a nice build :)

  • 19 months ago
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This definitely needs some front intake. Those vacant spots in the front need some airflow fans like AF120s.

Also, the first R5 2600 and 1080 Ti build I think that I've seen, and for 4K, it's well deserved for it's compute power balance.

Some Samsungs do 1080p at 120hz, but not 4K. The times it claims 120hz from a 60hz signal is "the soap opera effect"

  • 19 months ago
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Installed the 2 case fans and improved cable management! Looks so good now but I'm so tempted to buy a NZXT 340 Elite case.

  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

Uh, Front INTAKE, not front exhaust.

Personally would go for the H500 vs a S340 since the H500 White actually looks pretty slick.

  • 19 months ago
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It's my first time building a PC, what do you mean by front intake?

I'm not a fan of white cases, one local guy is selling the S340 Elite for $65, if I cant snag that deal I'll have to buy it at my local retail for $99.

  • 19 months ago
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Okay, that actually is a good deal.

It means the fans need to blow in, not blow out. You've got the front fans in the right place, but blowing the wrong direction. The front fans blow air into the case.

  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point Looks like this should be the ideal airflow, thanks for helping fix my build!

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