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  • 83 months ago
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That's a lot of mechanical hard drives. Whatcha using all them for? Those green drives don't give you a lot of performance/dollar because they are designed around power efficiency and low noise levels. Is there a reason you went with them? Overall, nice build :D

  • 83 months ago
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Probably the same reason anybody else gets green drives - cheap mass storage with less heat, noise, and power. He's already got an SSD and 7200RPM for things that shouldn't be put on slow drives.

I agree, though - it's a nice build. Dunno why it got so many downvotes.

  • 83 months ago
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Good build, shoddy wiring but lets go over a few things.

You really dished out the cash on the RAM there, there are high quality 16 GB kits out there for around $60 or not much more.

That is a bloody mound of mechanical drives, leading me to think you had some previously. Regardless, they make a lot of heat and noise when you have so many of them, I would have rather seen a 3 TB drive and you would have had money left over for a better SSD to boot from or cache your drive.

I understand the baller factor of having a Crossfire setup, but being cards almost 2 generations old, they are not very efficient and make a lot of heat and noise. You could have gotten something easier to setup and use, with comparable performance if you went with a single GTX 680 or a 7970 GHz edition.

I am worried that 750W will not be enough for your setup, with SLI and all those mechanical drives.

Sorry for tearing it apart a little, those qualms are minor but thats my 2 cents.

  • 68 months ago
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Why you bought all that green drives? They're pretty slow... I would have bought a 128GB SSD and a 1TB Caviar Blue but if you're satisfied. Nice build anyway