Wanted to build something that would handle the load of multiple programming software running at once as well as play the games I like to play at the most optimal settings. This build is a little over the top, but I wanted something that I would not have to work on for at least a year or two. Wanted to stay away from water cooling, since this if my first build, I really wanted to take out any possible variables for me to screw something up. Updates soon to come, build should be fully completed by tomorrow, pictures to come as well!



Easy build, never built a computer in my life, and sat down, from start of build to running the OS and installing drivers was about 4 hours. Computer is fast as hell, and extremely easy to overclock for that little bit of extra power. Runs more than smooth while im running my multitude of programs at the same time.

I have absolutely no cons in regards to this build.

When overclocked, I am yet to see the CPU climb over 61 degrees C as i said, its smoother than smooth and faster than i could have ever imagined.

Part Reviews


Great Processor, handles an overclock very nicely and stays relatively cool (45-60C under a pretty heavy load)

CPU Cooler

Was a pain in the butt to install in a couple spots, but that could have partly been due to my lack of knowledge since this was my first build. Other than that, the cooler works great! keeps CPU cool under a pretty heavy workload.


Couldn't have asked for anything better, this motherboard is exactly what i was looking for and MSI delivered. easy installation, and set up, and the bios is super easy to use, as well as the programs that came with it, make overclocking a simple click of the mouse!

the only thing i wish they would have done differently is the RGB's on the motherboard, they need some work, not as bright as i anticipated and are just lacking.


Great ram, handles everything i do and more, great purchase.


This SSD is probably a bit much but for holding an OS and the occasional randomness i wanna throw in there, easy installation and set up, highly recommend


Easy installation, easy set up once inside the files in the computer to set up as a secondary boot drive and main download drive.

Video Card

First time running SLI and I could not bet happier. this set up is fast, and efficient at the same time, set up was insanely easy, slapped it in, slapped the other one in, took the sli cable from my motherboard box, applied it, ran power to them, they were done, got passed the bios, and past the OS installation, and through in the EVGA CD that came with it, instantly my second monitor popped on due to the driver download, and bam i was up and running in that aspect. Great GPU!


LOVE THIS CASE! Stylish, and easy to use. Cable management was nice, and the stand alone SSD slots are amazing. all in all great case

Power Supply

Easy installation, easy set up, just an easy product to use, great PSU.

Case Fan

Fans work great, i currently have three of them in the build, considering installing a 4th but as of right now my system hangs out around 37 C while under a normal workload CPU stays about 46-47 while under normal workloads. Highest ive seen the cpu get is 61 C so i havent been overly concerned, that was under pretty heavy overclock and heavy workload.

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  • 46 months ago
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Plus one. Cool PC. I love this.

  • 46 months ago
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BTW that monitor is 1440p not 4k.

  • 44 months ago
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Thanks for catching the error, my bad, i had a brain fart haha

  • 45 months ago
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Well, you could buy some GTX 1060 instead. Cheaper but better, and also newer !