This was my first build and I'm very happy it turned out the way I envisioned!

Hardware is almost all white and black, tried to get 50/50 balance which led me to plastidip the pulse's backplate (which turned out great) and buy white cable extensions. The fans are white NZXT fans and the cpu cooler is a wraith prism.

The primary goal of this build was to handle most games at 2k resolution on ultra settings, while also looking really clean and being affordable. After months of hunting for deals I think it came together beautifully. Does everything I hoped it would with ease!

Magic keyboard is an odd choice perhaps but I got it for a steal and it matches the aesthetic nicely so we are gonna roll with it until I need a mechanical.

Its also worth noting that the monitor in the parts list isnt the exact model I have as mine is white and compatible with amd freesync.

Got all the parts for cheap on ebay or mercari or similar.

Thanks for looking!

Part Reviews


Theres a reason this is one of the most if not the most popular CPUs. Price to performance ratio is among the best. This chip in that value sweet spot that was perfect for my build. Not overkill but plenty powerful enough to handle anything i can throw at it.


Affordable and stylish. The bios is easy to use and it has a decent amount of features. Not much more i can ask for from a MB.


Looks decent, very affordable (bought on sale), but for some reason that i cannot fathom, these sticks are unstable above 3000 MHz even though they are rated for 3200. I don't know if im doing something wrong (ive researched and dont believe i am) but they just wont get up there. Oh well, i still think they are mostly great.


Oh this little guy is blazing fast. Boot times are like 6-7 seconds and its glorious. Definitely going to need to purchase a second one at some point because 500gb is just not that much, but its that value sweetspot that was just too perfect to pass up for my build.

Video Card

This card... I love it, incredible value, performs like a beast running games at 2k 144fps, even painted the backplate to match the aesthetic of my build (which i suppose has no bearing on this review but it looks sleek now and before looked kinda like a hotwheels car:( ). My complaint is that my card has very faint coil whine. Not while gaming or under heavy load, just when scrolling through webpages... its a bummer but i dont care that much, i really love it otherwise. I purchased for cheap off ebay open box so no warranty:( silly me trying to save a buck


Sleek, spacious, fun to build in, good cable management. One complaint is that the glass panel has no cushion between it and the metal so if the fans are roaring i will get a case rattle:( fortunately my fans never roar

Power Supply

Got for an absolute steal and it does the job without a hitch. Eco mode is a nice touch too. Nuff said

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  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

You should get the white corsair MK 2 for your next keyboard it will be a better keyboard for gaming and the white on it is super nice

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

Great suggestion. I like it!

  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

Clean, beautiful, and well budgeted build. Congrats!

  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

Cant say anything, it all in the title: KLEEEN!

  • 24 days ago
  • 1 point

Was the mobo compatible with the ryzen 3600 out of the box or did you have to update the bios before you could install the cpu?

  • 22 days ago
  • 1 point

The motherboard was NOT compatible out of the box. A bios update was completed.

  • 10 days ago
  • 1 point

I see you with the SteelSeries my guy

  • 6 hours ago
  • 1 point

beautiful build you got there! I was just wondering, did painting the backplate affect the thermals of the GPU?