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i7 8700k, Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Turbo, Phanteks P400S, ASRock Z370 Taichi

by einsteinliu



Date Published

May 10, 2018

Date Built

May 4, 2018

CPU Clock Rate

3.7 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

30.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

60.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.48 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

11.01 GHz


Reasons for my choices:

  • i7 8700K : chosen according to benchmark
  • Dark Rock4 : quiet, cheap, didn't choose water cooling as water cooling is hard to maintain, shorter lifetime and has potential leaky problem, small size which can fit the Phanteks P400S
  • Taichi : good WiFi/bluetooth support, two LAN ports, more display/usb ports than Asus-ROG-STRIX-Z370
  • Corsair DDR4-3000: CPU supports upto 2666, use 3000 in case that memory bottlenecked CPU, corsair memory's shell is not that big as G. Skill which can avoid troubling the installation of the big CPU cooler
  • Asus GTX 1080 Ti Turbo, Asus is always good
  • Phanteks P400S : Cheap and nice with LED band, upper cover removable with magnetic filter, S is a must which represent "silent", the S version has noise canceling material on the inner wall. Relatively small and light weighted, the heavy cases usually has bigger space for more hard disks(up to 8 HDD), I don't need that space and weight.
  • Corsair TX850M Gold : The cheapest of 800W+ gold. Gold is a must which provides more stable power supply, 850w to support the potentially expansion of the 2nd GPU in the future.

Everything fit each other perfectly afterwards, some critical considerations:

  • If you choose air CPU cooler, don't use G. Skill memory, that's too big for you to install big CPU cooler
  • If you choose Phanteks P400S, you must check the size of CPU cooler, most of the air CPU coolers are too big to fit this case

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BrittMeeks5 2 Builds 2 points 8 months ago

RAM is in the wrong slot. 2 and 4.

Digging the blue glow on it, though! :)

einsteinliu submitter 1 Build 3 points 8 months ago

It should be in slot 1A, I checked it ....

BlakeRobertson 1 point 2 months ago

It actually shouldn't. It isn't a huge deal as you are not using dual channel and it boots, but just keep in mind that it should be in the 2nd slot. It states it very clearly in the manual.

Nathan_Fitz 2 points 8 months ago

the only thing its missing is a box with my shipping address.

einsteinliu submitter 1 Build 2 points 8 months ago

Sorry for that, I accidentally and wrongly put my address on :)

Nathan_Fitz 2 points 8 months ago

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A MY COMPOOOODDDEEERRRR!!!! lol but still, AMAZING build man! I would KILL for a 1080 ti.

wurpy 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago

Why go single channel? Dual channel is much faster.

einsteinliu submitter 1 Build 2 points 8 months ago

I chose one channel under the consideration of future expansion. Actually the duo channel setup is about 10% faster, ok for me

AlexDMV 3 points 8 months ago

Um... buddy. Dual channel config doesn’t eliminate the potential for future expansion...

vajjala1986 0 points 6 months ago

But it does. if he has only money for 2x8gb or 1x16gb (same price), then it makes sense to buy 16gb as he can go upto 64Gb in future. With 2x8gb, he can go upto 32gb only - without selling.

AlexDMV 1 point 6 months ago

It's not recommended to combine sticks of ram from different kits. There may be compatibility issues/other random issues with timings and stuff. It's usually recommended to buy a single kit for optimal compatibility. Also in the future, if he wants to buy better ram with better timings, he will have to sell anyway. So your point really makes zero sense.

vajjala1986 1 point 6 months ago

Assuming too much - aren't we? First - It is easy to find the same RAM as he bought from Corsair. It isn't that hard to find the same using model numbers. Second - There are no such thing as compat issues in 2018 unless you are using some obscure RAM. Third - That's irrelevant because his point is that he wants to go upto 64 GB. If he buys 2x8 gb now, he has to sell anyway. So, there is no reason NOT to buy 1x16GB now versus 2x8GB if he wants a better RAM tomorrow. If in both cases- you have to sell RAM, but one option gives you advantage as to be able to go upto 64GB ram - it is better to use that option.

wurpy 1 Build 0 points 8 months ago

Umm your motherboard has 4 slots.

SwordCoastSoldier 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago

Have you overclocked the 8700k? Just wondering what type of temperatures you get with the Dark Rock 4? I also have the P400s case and was considering going with DR 4 instead of an AIO.

einsteinliu submitter 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago

Turbo mode yes, it is running at 4.7Hz, but I didn't try to let it run at 5Hz

OrbitalBuzzsaw 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago

Mine (not delidded) gets up to 83-85 on an H115i Pro set to Silent at 5.0GHZ/1.30V, but I have a golden chip (5.3 @1.45V passes Cinebench, boots into Windows at 5.4 but won't pass the Cinebench test)

Given that a 280MM AIO will certainly outperform a middling air cooler, I'd say it's worth getting at least a good 240MM AIO e.g. H100i v2/ Captain 240EX

Jumpest 2 Builds 1 point 8 months ago

Sorry because I noticed another guy asked as well but I was wondering how much OC potential do you think the Dark Rock 4 has, as I am planning to get it over the Cooler Master 240L, as it's an AIO and much louder

einsteinliu submitter 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago

AIO can definitly make the temprature about 5 degrees lower, I am not overclocking the CPU so I don't really mind

PuJo 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago

Nice build. Looks like it'll treat you well for a long time. I've seen this case and it was options for my build. How do you feel about it now that you've been using it? Is it well ventilated?

einsteinliu submitter 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago

the case is nice, I really like it, small size full functional

Jumpest 2 Builds 1 point 8 months ago

Do you have a fan above the DR4 or is there not enough space for it?

einsteinliu submitter 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago

it fits for this setup

PC_Builder_666 1 point 7 months ago

Nice build but why get a gtx 1080 ti and then a 1080p 60hz display? It could easily smash the 100hz mark on max settings for most games. Also if you’re spending that much, why not get an ultra wide? Thanks :)

einsteinliu submitter 1 Build 1 point 5 months ago

It's not a gaming PC, more like a server

[comment deleted]