This build is designed to be very powerful while being as aesthetically pleasing as I can make it. Now I have every component for this pc except for the gpu. I am picking up the Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080 super. The monitor is also coming in after the gpu. In the far future, I plan on getting 3 of these monitors. Me and a couple of my friends started an unofficial race to see who could buy and build there pc's first. My friend Koy, who I name the build after, started it off with a $3000 pc (including the monitor) with an i7 8700k and an RTX 2070. Followed by 2 others that are going for cheaper builds. I am currently in last but I am putting in more money and thus getting a better build. I am using this pc mainly for RTX enabled games and some VR. I planned this build to be future-proof and that is definitely the case. I also wanted to outperform my competitors (friends). My build should be all built by late February or early March so stay tuned to when the day comes.


-Even though this is my first pc, it isn't going to be the first time building a pc. I bought an old pc for $10 from a friend and I used it to get some hands-on practice for the real deal. Best $10 spent.

Monday 1/6/20- Ram and M.2 are expected to arrive today. The next step is the GPU. Might build the pc if the parts arrive today just to make sure that all the parts I have been working. I'm gonna try to get the lighting node pro at the same time as my graphics card but we will see how it turns out when the time comes.

Tuesday 1/7/20- The SSD arrived and I got an e-mail saying that my ram might not arrive till the 19th. Big sad.

Monday 1/13/20- Ram came in today. Will update images with SSD and ram. The plan is to build the pc after I pick up some light strips and cablemod cables.

Tuesday 1/14/20- Added pictures of new components. The plan is to buy cablemod cables and light strips on Friday when I get my paycheck, then build it. The gpu is going to be its own struggle XD.

Monday 1/27/20- That moment when you realize cablemod takes forever to ship.

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let me know how this goes.. looking to build a similar rig

  • 1 month ago
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sounds good. Really excited about it ive been saving for so long and i cant wait to have it up and running

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