Hello fellow PC enthusiasts Im looking for your feedback, On my recent build which I completed just in time for the steam summer sales. I decided to return to PC gaming after a 7 year absence I disliked the direction console gaming was going I figured if Im gonna buy a PC (lets face it xbone/ps4 are watered down pc x86 architecture amd tech etc) I might as well buy a decent actual PC without the restrictions sony and microsoft impose with their custom OS. I did however buy a Wii U in November but thats for my nintendo fix ok I digress lol.

Ill try to justify why I Purchased each part and explain the options I Had. I tried my best to balance the build i.e dont get a i7 and a 7770 or a 4300 and a 780 although the latter might be just about ok.

CPU: I did have a large budget after selling my laptop /and other various junk I had on ebay and also taking advantage of Dabs promotions they had going on. So I had narrowed my cpu choice in the 150-180 pounds range to FX 8350 I5 3570k and I5 4670k. I opted with the AMD FX 8350 as I personally belied it provided more bang for my buck than its I5 counterparts gaming performance is simiar and the FX 8350 has 8 cores which enables it to trade blows even with the I7 with certain multi-threaded applications. Of course I dont need 8 Cores but its nice to be playing a game on one screen and watching you tube on another while also transferring files and rendering videos. I repeat im not a AMD fanboy I just like value for my money. In addition I think develpors will optomze applications for multiple cores and didnt want to be left behind with a quad core CPU.

CPU Cooler: I opted for the NH U9B SE2 as sound was my priority rather then cooling ability of the cooler however I think it could cope with a minor overclok 4.3-4.5 ghz depends how good my chip actually is. I did entertain the idea of liwuid colling and the AIO units such as the hydro series from corsair however I decided against it ,as the general consensus is that they perform similar to air cooling counterparts and run the risk of leakgae the only advantage I would say is RAM clearance and aesthetics. Saying that I may experiment with actual water cooling in the future hopefully when custom kits become chepaer in price as they look bad *** and want to cool my cpu/gpu with one loop. OS I got Windows 8 from my Uni IT department ater kinfly asking if they have any free liscencess left and the kind technician gave me one legend. Many people bash windows 8 but I actually like it, Ive had no problems whatsoever with it.

Motherboard Motherboard is great can support three way sli/crossfire and has great beefy heatsinks on the VRMS and can support overclocking. I wanted a board with a 990FX chipset to make the most out of my FX 8350. ASUS got my vote over the Gigabyte 990fx UD3 due to AI Suite which is a excellent utilty especially fan expert. I Got this for 85 punds using Dabs voucher good deal.

Memory Probably one of the most picked part on this site , what more can I say looks great CL9 1600 Mhz 8GB Standard.

Storage I went for a big clunky Mechanical HDD rather than a SSD solution, I think my budget was just under the reccomended point to include to SSDs. I think they are currently a little overpriced I understand they use NAND flash and are really expensive to make but the price to volume ratio is not good in my opininon I would pay £100 for 1tb SSD untill the prices reach that level I will hold offf SSDs for Now. As for the Caviar Blue its really good quality not that loud and comes from a reliable manufacture in western digital.

GPU My Choices were the 660,660ti,7870 XT, 760 and the 7950 I opted for the XFX 7950, at £ 199 i could not refuse great deal when you include the games I recieved from AMD from never settle. Couldve gotten the new 760 but I think the 7950 has greater overclocking ability and thus will ultimately be the better card right ? Many people complain about the XFX 7950 however I haven't had 1 single problem with it great temperatures with stock clocks roughly 65 degrees when Im gaming rareley goes over 70 degrees. Fans are quiet and rarely go above 45% It maxes out most games at 1080p. All in all a great buy and Im really happy. People who complain about this card usally have it in crappy cases with poor airflow of course any GPU would choke. I Have a case with excellent airflow maybe that counts to my good temps who knows.

Case I chose the NZXT Phantom 410, as I was a fan of the origibal phantom but didnt want a full tower this case isnt too big its a compact midi tower but with excellent airflow and aesthetics and NZXT have included some of the quitest case fans I have seen they are tolerable at Max speeds and virtually silent in med and Low settings. The only gripe I have is the small side window but that can be easily modified dosent affect my overall view on the case glad I didnt get a 40-50 pound case.

PSU I Got this psu for 49 pounds which is the price of a non modular 500w bronze certfied psu. It is great matches my other case fans in that it is sient when idle and quiet when gaming. Does have a limited no of Pcie connectors for a 750w which is weird but cant fault it as I got it for the price of a 500w and will be more effecient do medium load.

Future Upgrades: SSD White/Blue Cable Sleeving Custom Water Cooling ? Get More Noctua Fans. Second 7950 ?

Looking to hear what you think guys and also where I could improve upgrade wise

Edit: Upgraded already 2 weeks in lol

GPU: XFX 7950 was too hot 88 degrees while gaming Double dissipation my *** Cooler: Noctua although was quiet it performed not up to scratch idle temps too high and gaming was around 70 degrees

My Upgraded have corrected the errors I have made and encourage new builders to return something if youre not happy with it within 7 days I know you want to enjoy your newly buit pc but is it worth the the regret.


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I like most of those parts. For the value, I don't really think it could easily be beaten except lowering some of the part cost. Either way it's a good build for the price. Nice Job. +1

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Thanks for the comment, Im curious about the parts you don't like if your willing to share

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hey i noticed that you used the cinebench benchmark, and was curious as to whether you do any 3d rendering using the machine? if so how would you say it performs? thanks

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Hmm havent done any 3d rendering but I would presume it would perform in between an i5 and a i7. This is probably a budget productivity chip if you have the money go for a i7 if not th FX8350 should be ok.