Named Easy-E because this was a very simple and easy build.

The 760 that I purchased was DOA, so I'm going to have to jump some customer service hurdles and get that replaced.

As I said, this was a relatively easy PC to put together, and the only issue I had was getting the heatsink to stay in place while I tightened it down. Other than that, the only thing that bugged me was wiring up the SSD. For some reason, the case 3.5" bays all face the cables towards the motherboard instead of facing towards the back panel, which makes it almost impossible to hide the SATA cables leading to the drives.

Cable management options in this case are terrible, but luckily I didn't have to run too many cables. The 8-pin mobo cable is as tight as a circus rope.

I am going to overclock this later, and I'll try to hit the highest stable overclock I can, then scale it back 300MHz. Temperatures have been really low, so I think this may be a good hunk of silicon. It idles at right around 27 to 29 degrees, and the highest I've seen it reach during Prime95 was 49 degrees, so that's good. I'm sure if I pushed it further that it would peak at around 60 degrees.

Comment with any questions, obviously :)

Edit: No matter how many people complain about it, I will always have to mention that the pictures getting shuffled annoys the hell out of me.


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Was looking at the Sniper mobo but didn't want micro atx because I'm going to SLI whatever I put in my rig, or trade up for 780 when tax season rolls around :) Nice build, too bad about the DOA though