My 15 yr old son and I threw around the idea of buying or building a PC for a couple of months. Did it mostly for gaming, he has played games to this point on a PS4. Having never played games on or bought a gaming PC or ever built a PC we had no idea what we were looking at or what we needed. After some research it seemed like we could build one (if put together correctly) cheaper than buying one, plus it was something we could learn together. The build itself (with the help of YouTube) went really well, almost too easy I thought. Put everything together fired it up updated what needed to be updated, installed Windows, downloaded some games and away we went. After about a week and some more research into what we were doing I believe we may have over built for what we were doing with it, just playing video games. Maybe some day we'll figure out its full potential but it was something him and I did together.

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  • 4 months ago
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Nice build! I'm glad you guys didn't go to the dark side and buy a pre-built.