This is my first build which will be used mostly for gaming, school, and drafting documents for work. Let's be real though, mostly just gaming. I wanted to put together something that was future-proof but also not too over the top so I went with a high value Ryzen CPU chip, which was originally going to be a 2600X but was going to take a few weeks to arrive so I got impatient and went with the 3600X instead. I spent around 2 months on research and waiting for deals to hit but in the same manner, I ultimately decided to pull the trigger and just buy most of my components at the same time. My general idea was to make sure the case had plenty of room to work in but also that had nice cable management. This was easy to do with the case I chose and having a fully modular PSU. I originally used a GTX 1070 but upgraded recently to the RTX 2070S in preparation for Cyberpunk 2077. For the motherboard, again, I wanted to go with something that was future-proof and although this wasn't the best value, it is still solid for the price and is a beast mobo. The AMD stock cooling system is actually pretty good with the 5 3600X since there is almost no need to overclock the already ultra powerful CPU but I upgraded to water cooling regardless in the event that I do want to overclock it. Note: The pics were taken before I installed the 2070S, the water cooling, and one of the SSD cards as these were purchased after the build was completed and were added in later when I modified the build.

For my peripherals, I went with the G-Wolves Skoll because of it's ultralight design but it was a close call between this and the Glorious O. For keyboard, I went with the FNATIC because it was available locally but I also was considering a Ducky One 2 Mini since I'm a big fan of more compact keyboards. For my headphones, I've had the same Astro A40 TRs since 2014 and they have been modded out with a noise cancelling conversion kit. For my monitor, the Monoprice monitor was bought for under $250 with a $30 off coupon which I found on r/BuildaPCsales. It is a very solid 1440p monitor for the price and has given me no problems whatsoever.

Given that it was my first build, it turned out way better than expected and only took around 2 hours to assemble including making sure everything was put together correctly. All being said, I've satisfied with the end result.

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  • 4 months ago
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Quick question, how's the Fnatic keyboard? Was it worth the buy?