First build ever, and it didn't blow up when I turned the power on!

I wanted to build a system around the RX 480 card;

Cabling was a little tricky, especially as the PSU & cables were full size. Think I did an ok job on trying to keep the 'mess' in the drive bay so the airflow from the front 120mm intake fan was unobstructed when getting to the mobo. Will test temps under full load when I install the GPU.

CPU Good price, newest gen (for now), and won't bottleneck the system. Will upgrade CPU at a later date when more powerful 6th gen get cheaper.

HDD SSD for fast boot times, HD for games & downloads etc

RAM Basic, the max speed the motherboard can handle. I'll buy another identical 8Gb soon when I have more cash.

MOBO Again, very new & durable (so it says...). H170 with built in wifi, don't need to overclock.

GPU Held off getting a reference card, even though the blower style would have probably been better for the ITX case, we'll see. Waiting for the Sapphire Nitro aftermarket to release.

MONITOR Already had this. Good compromise between FHD & UHD. 60Hz though, but should be ok.

I'll upload pics later.


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umm.. I am pretty sure that the CPU will bottleneck the system at 1440p

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