The machine is used for anything I'm doing at home. This includes especially Gaming but also software development and virtualization.

This machine was step-by-step upgraded. It started basicly with a i5 3570K, which I fried while overclocking without having any knowledge of what I'm effectively doing. (Lessons learned :P) The only part that's left from the original system is basically the OCZ Vertex 4 which is currently my data and games SSD. All other parts have been replaced.

The latest replacement was the i7 6700K, the mainboard, the RAM and the PSU.

The CPU is undervolted to around 1.18V as the mainboard put really unrealistic voltages on the CPU when being used with default settings.

What's coming up next Well, currently I'm planning a custom watercooling loop and I'm also saving money for it. :P Planned so far is to cool the CPU and GPU using a 240/280mm radiator in the top and a 360mm radiator in the front. Thickness of the rads is not determined as I'm not sure yet what radiator will fit.

It will be soft-tubing as it's my first custom loop.

Another small change will be the removal of the remaining HDD which is not mentioned in the parts list. It will be removed from the PC and put into a small server/NAS in the hallway to reduce the emitting noise from the PC. I like it super silent. If I could I would cool it passively, but passive cooling, look and power don't fit. :)


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Nice build.

Try the Noctua fans pulling the air. It would look better, and would be easier to clean your radiator from the dust accumulated .