Finished around March or April of 2015. Mostly used for gaming. Currently testing the limits. Core parts the rig is about $750 (added more things I bought to the list just to keep track).

Wanted a small, portable computer I could play games on. The Xigmatek Aquila case works great for portability, handles on top have held up very well.

Not much room for ventilation even with 3 fans and liquid cpu cooling, and runs hot while under heavy load. Still working out a better cooling system (may add another fan if there's room). But haven't had many problems because of higher temps, just louder fan. Even with small amount of room the window panel works great on the right side (put in white led strip at top and it looks very nice).

Very small amount of room inside, but micro and mini parts help the process. Hard as hell to get the liquid cooler in with so little room, but was successful.

Probably not much room to upgrade but not at that point yet.


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