This build goes good for a variety of different uses. Have done video editing time to time and handles majority of it with no issues. I dual boot Arch and Windows 10 and have had no issues on either OS although at one time did run Ubuntu and had a variety of issues with the drivers. Most likely was due to the proprietary drivers but never had an issue when running Arch. The CPU runs great when running virtual machines like windows 7, FreeBSD, and any sort of Linux distribution. Gaming it does great on. Majority of the games I have played like CS GO, The Witcher series, Borderlands 2, etc have ran well on max settings in 4k. Overall the build is good for a variety of uses.

Part Reviews


I have had no major issues with this CPU. This runs well under a majority of common uses for computing. The only issues I would complain about is how it may run at times when through a virtual machine. Though the issues are miniscule and still does what it would when it needs to when using a virtual machine.

CPU Cooler

Very well CPU cooler for the price and does better then I would expect it too.


Have had no issues with this motherboard what so ever. The BIOS are simplistic and easy to get around.


Its memory and does what its made for. Have not had any issues with it over the past year of use.


It runs great for the price and have had no issues over the month I have had it. Easy to install and does what it says it does.


A SSD that runs well. I have had it for a year now and from the amount of repartitioning done so far, it still runs as fast as day one.

Video Card

Very satisfied with this card. It runs majority of games at max settings while running 4k. No complaints with it and rather good pick.


Simplistic design and decent cable management. Good case overall but can be at times hard to manage the cables for a clean build.


  • 16 months ago
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Ey, nice Arch Linux rice. How's it treating you?

  • 16 months ago
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Its been working great. I've tried various distributions; mostly debian based and have always had some sort of issue. Though ever since I took the time to just switch over to Arch Linux I havent had any issues.

  • 16 months ago
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I'm not surprised. Debian's hardware support tends to be a bit jankier in my experience, in some cases due to older driver versions.