This PC was a first build and and will definitely be remembered for the weird experience I had with building it. This PC will be used for many thing, including gaming, CAD Design, and School work, atop other things. I chose these parts based on reviews that I have read and from friends who have the same parts. After upgrading the CPU cooler and adding some speakers, i am finally enjoying my setup, aside from the monitor, bu that is the next to be upgraded. The PC holds some great performance for the price and i enjoy using it on a daily basis.

I will be uploading benchmarks as soon as I can

Part Reviews


A great "octa-core" processor for the price to performance, you cannot beat it. But the bundled wraith cooler is extremely loud when you are less than 3 feet from your case

CPU Cooler

this is a great and quiet cooler that cools the cpu to less then 30 degrees during idle, and less then 50 degrees under load

Thermal Compound

its thermal compound, it does the job


This Motherboard is great for the price, especially for the discount you get at microcenter, but when I got the board, the usb 3 power pin was gone, not a big deal since I have a 7 way splitter going to the back of the board. Either way, I would sill recommend it to anyone going the AMD route


Great Ram with a lifetime warrenty


This a great, inexpensive sad from a reliable company. I would say that this rivals samsung's ssds.


Standard drive for the pc builder, you most likely know about how good it is


A great looking case and the integrated fan controller is great for multiple fans in the case

Power Supply

A great power supply, even though there were a few hiccups (microcenter never put it in the box), but it is fine being that I got it for $70

Operating System

Latest version of Windows, it was a no brainier, even though I don't like some of is features

Wireless Network Adapter

this thing is one of the worst things i could have ever bought, it always disconnected on me, i had to use a usb extender at times, and when that stopped working, i had to connect it back to my computer. Once it automatically disabled itself and i had to go into the control panel to fix it, i would definitely not recommend this product, i got it as a place holder until i got the chance to run Ethernet to my computer, and i love it so far

Case Fan

Good fans that are very quiet at a not too bad cost


Great cheap monitor, although I wouldn't suggest it for a main monitor unless you have to because of your budget, the colors were off and there is a lot of backlight bleed near the edges.


I love this Keyboard coming from membrane, felt weird at first, but I am starting to realize why this is the highest rated mechanical keyboard at the moment.


A great wireless mouse, Logitech has out done them selves with the comfort level. Best mouse I have ever used.


great sounding speakers for the price, and they get really loud

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