My new gaming machine , rocking a stable 5.1 Ghz overclock on the CPU and ram running at 3000 c15 , top motherboard better than boards $100 more, very happy with these parts hoping to drop a 1080 in here one day, this plays most of my games on max settings , very happy with all my parts , picked up the case , graphics card and corsair fans second hand.

Part Reviews


Did someone say fast , I love this CPU , 5.1 stable oc at 1.3275 v , 70c under benchmark ,25c idle, around 55c gaming , highly recommended

CPU Cooler

More than enough to cool my 7700 k overclocked to 5.1 at 1.3275v 25 idle 70c stress 55c gaming (wow)

Thermal Compound

Great stuff, all I ever use


Fantastic motherboard, it has good VRM for solid overclocks and overclocking is a dream , everything you need and more , this is a high end board for bottom dollar , I have my 7700 k running at 5.1 at 1.3275 volts manual settings and thanks to the asrock adding some basic ram overclocking for non xmp ram like in my build from 2133 to 3000 asrock you rock . Awesome board HIGHLY recommend


Very good ram, got mine running stable at 3000 MHz c15 no worries, defiantly don't waste your money buying over 2133


Great product , nice and fast, I should have got the black version for the looks

Video Card

These cards are beast , it can handle anything I throw at it at high to ultra settings , not sure why I would need anything bigger , very happy with this GPU. I have a 32" led LCD fhd 4ms monitor running at full 1080p


Great case , my favourite case for showing off gaming builds , I do like the elite version too

Power Supply

Great psu , runs my system well

Case Fan

Replaced my nzxt fan on my kraken x31 with this works well keeps the rad cool , and looks good to boot ,bargain

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  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

well balenced build you good at overclocking i am #msi fan boy

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah boy, I like msi too it was a toss up, I'm happy though these vrm' s are good for long term oc