This computer is built from the left overs from the upgrade of Rybot 1.0 to Rybot 2.0 and a few new parts. This computer will be mainly used for web browsing and some Microsoft Office.

  CPU: The Fx-6300 is a left over CPU from the previous build and has more than enough cores to do what is asked of it.

  Mother Board: This mother board was free with the purchase of my current CPU the FX-8320. It does not have as many fan connectors as I would like it to but I solved that issue by buying a case fan splitter for $2.00 at Fry's. The mobo does not have all of the bells and whistles that I like in a mother board and I can only imagine what would happen to it if I tried to over clock it, but as it was free no complaints here. ALSO this mobo only has SATA 3 ports which is a HUGE disappointment with the SSD in the computer.

  Memory: I opted for the 8 Gb of RAM out of the gate because Micro center did not have a 4 Gb stick at the time.


 -HDD: This 320 GB hard drive is now 10 years old and I will need to replace it in the near future but I have yet to find one that is a good enough deal

 -SSD: This SSD was on sale for $65.00 on black Friday and and I had enjoyed the one in Rybot 1.0 so I went ahead and got it even though I cannot use it to is full potential due to the lack of SATA 6 ports on this mobo.

  Video Card: This video card is from the previous computer and will be replaced with my 7770 once I find a better one for Rybot 2.0.

  Case: This case arrived damaged when I received it from Newegg for Rybot 1.0, but Newegg customer support was good and gave me a gift card so I could live with a bent side panel and back corner of case. I did the best I could with the cable management in this case which there is practically none of.

  Final Thoughts: This computer is a huge upgrade to its predecessor which  turned 10 years old this year (the last 2 pics. are of the previous computer).  To make it even better it only cost $130. I fully expect this computer to last another 7 years due to the fact that it has 6 cores and the option to go up to 16 Gb of RAM.

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Nice build, Man. +1